Monday, March 05, 2012

Why "CSR" Won't Ever Work

Corporations, in their idiocy to pander to every possible market segment, failed to think long term what would happen to the business environment if they pandered to communists masquerading as "environmentalists."

While corporations think they're gaining a whopping 2% more market share by paying lip service and platitudes towards "going green," it's a fool's errand because the political forces that forced these corporations to set up CSR departments in the first place never really cared about "the environment." "The environment" was merely a tool for a larger, ulterior motive - socialism.

However, it seems some corporations are done being useful idiots.


lelnet said...

The "social responsibility" of a corporation is to hire people to make stuff that other people want, and then offer that stuff for sale to people who want it, at a price that produces enough sustainable profit for the corporation to go on employing people, making stuff, and rewarding the investors who took a gamble on the whole enterprise with their saved-up money. This enhances the well-being of the community by providing:

1. Jobs!
2. Stuff!
3. Incentives to save, rather than just blowing all your money at the track!

Which is more net benefit than most flesh-and-blood human beings provide to their communities, let alone what can be reasonably expected from a convenient legal fiction like a corporation. Why should they need to focus on being _even more_ socially responsible than _that_?

Anonymous said...

combat search and rescue?

Captain Capitalism said...

"Corporate Social Responsibility"

ie - "Bend Over and Let Us Ef You Up the A"