Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Race Card Trumps Gender Card

Language warning as the University of Man, is well, staffed by men and they have taken the stance (which I agree with) that they're men and they're going to curse if they want to curse.


East Indian doctorate, with an OK command of the English language is talking to a co-worker about said co-worker's mom who recently passed away. Inquiring about the funeral process, the East Indian is confused about buying a plot of land to bury the mother in and asks

"Why not burn her and put her in box?"

Said co-worker is not offended because the East Indian doctorate is obviously concerned, but just didn't know enough English to say, "are you going to cremate her?"

Two catty #@#$&%'s overhear this and file a harassment complaint.

Said co-worker informs HR he's not insulted and wants the complaint dropped.

The HR *&%$# says the women were offended by proxy.

See what our fine East Indian friend and said co-worker came up with as a response.


CBMTTek said...

The problem with this tactic is the people that are going to "investigate" and "adjudicate" on the complaint are HR. And, curiously enough, if they want this complaint to disappear, it will.

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Captain Capitalism said...

I don't think you read the whole thing thoroughly. Our East Indian hero went straight to a lawyer.

He bypassed the HR "ladies" and is going for the jugular.

I applaud him for it and I can't WAIT to see what the prissy little American %^$^%#'s do when they're held up to the standards/coal-raking their American male counterparts are.

Anonymous said...

The guy who was offended by proxy should sue the company and the ladies for intentional infliction of emotional distress for having his private life used in an office bitch match, especially if his Indian friend is forced to apologize to the females.

Reinforcing the wrongness of the situation by forcing an apology would increase the circulation of the private information.