Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Waaaaaaa! What Happened to Chivalry?

I am getting old.

Matter of fact everybody is. It only goes one way.

So one of my primary concerns is when me or many other men of the Manosphere make observations about women, courting, etc., in an attempt to help out the younger men, is that it might be dated and no longer applicable. ie-girls may have changed, and hopefully, for the good.

For example, I was flirting with a girl called Amy back in the 10th grade. I saw Doug grab and rummage through a purse of a girl he was interested in and she laughed at him and tried to get her purse back. Seemed to work for him, so I decided I'd try to grab Amy's purse and rummage through it. Had a good enough rapport with her, so certainly she'd giggle as I rummaged through her stuff.

She full-bore slapped me across the face. The slap was so loud the entire class went silent (of course Amy did not have to go to the principal's office).

This would more or less set the tone for what me and my generation of men would deal with. But 20 years on, are girls still the childish, self-centered suburbanite princesses me and my fellow boys had to deal with?

Well boys, see for yourselves.

Apparently nothing has changed. If anything it's gotten worse. And if anything else, me and my aged, decrepit Gen X Manosphereites are as right as ever. Chivalry is not only not appreciated any more, it's punished. Women do not like the kind, nice beta, offering shelter in a rain storm, worse, they'll call the damn cops on him.

So ladies, go ahead and beg and plead and wish "chivalry" somehow makes a comeback. It's as likely as me talking to Amy if I were to ever go to my 20 year reunion. And boys, if you're a "good guy" remember to stay hidden. Not so they ask "where have all the good guys gone," but so you don't get arrested by the freaking cops. Sheesh!


Aurini said...

The differences only seem to be moving in one distinct direction; women are kinkier, sluttier, and even MORE out of control than ever before.

I honestly feel terrible for you young guys in the audience; it used to be that young women went for guys a little bit older than them. Now they're going going for men at my and the cappy's age.

The only advice I can give is for your to drop all aspects of chivalry and respect for women. Back in our day, the Cap and I could get away with being nice guys, with an edge of danger. Nowadays I think the game's a lot harder.

Rowan said...

When walking home after going out for an evening I often see women vomiting on the streets, passed out in the middle of the road, being pushed around and man handled, and so on.

But me and my mates never do anything about it, we barely even look. Women cry rape, police look for someone to blame and bitches always take the side of the guy beating her. You hear announcements on the radio all the time, 'police want witnesses to come forward', but it's a trap.

My advice to any young man: Live in a rural area and head to the city for fun, go live in Asia or go travelling.

Izanpo said...

Tramautic story, Cappy. That kinda hysterical slappy thing would definitely color one's perceptions about broads.

But here's something for you. Looks like the Southern Poverty Law Center has a whole new crisis to deal with - the manosphere! Oh where would society be without those brave souls at the $PLC?

Check out Kathy Shaidle's article on the subject at Takimag...

And since you like video games, here's something new coming for XBox real soon....insane fatty cupcake gobbler action!



Tom said...

I like your hat in your comment you left at the article.

Not to mention the message.

Unfortunately it appears it was ignored by everyone else.

Captain Capitalism said...


American women, and for the most part American men, have a big problem with truth and find it easier to ignore than confront.


Tom said...


You're being unfair to Americans..

Almost all people have a problem with the truth.


Anonymous said...

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