Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sandy Hingston's Lengthy Post

Permit me some light-hearted sexist joking here:

Q - How can you tell Sandy Hingston's article was written by a woman?

A - Because it's 6 pages long.

Yuk yuk yuk yuk.

Just kidding.

Ms. Hingston, I'm afraid has wandered into the Manosphere. Of course, like most women, she is unaware of the lengthy psy-ops battle that's been going on, and I fear will be ripped to shreds by some of our lieutenants in the Manosphere. However, if you read her writing, she genuinely is asking an honest question and is unaware. Not really condemning men for "not manning up," as much as asking why.

We've been here before with Kay Homiwitz (sp?), so I'll try to be a bit more brief and keep it under six pages, but still address and answer all of her questions, or rather, the questions of the women/girls she cites in her article. The "you" is not specifically referencing Ms. Hingston, but is a general "you" referring primarily to women in general as well as the emasculated men that I also hold accountable for the current environment men in this country face:

1. You destroyed the industrial economy by voting for politicians to over-regulate and make everything green. We all can't be "elementary school teachers" or "social workers" because, unfortunately, somebody actually has to produce the stuff that the economy needs, depends upon and is made of. Sadly, government services seem to be the only thing that is "environmentally safe enough" to be deemed worthy of existing in this economy. Let me know when you're willing to put a president in the office that would let the XL Pipeline through.

2. You've villainized profit, excellence, and risk taking in the economy which are predominantly male traits and are the primary reasons America rose to its economic dominance like it did. You swallowed whole this egalitarian outcome BS instead of egalitarian opportunity. Socialism is here, whether you realize its economic manifestation or not, and that more or less shuts down the economic incentive men have to produce.

3. You've destroyed any incentive men have on a romantic level through feminism and ignoring their needs, if not also villainizing male sexuality, which:

a. Destroys their incentive to find a wife, have kids, and therefore work for a family, which in turn means they only need to produce essentially a third of what they used to, to survive
b. Makes getting married and having a family too risky a venture (which once again forces them to go the easier route of just supporting themselves)
c. All of which means "getting by" with a low paying job, not "manning up" and getting high paying careers.

4. Hey, don't you guys predominantly keep voting to raise taxes? And doesn't that not only take away more money from men who work predominantly in the private sector to pay for your make-work public sector jobs? Let me see, go to school for an engineering degree, make $80,000 gross, $55,000 net and have people hate me because i'm "rich" OR, get a degree in journalism, live at home, gross $30,000, net $25,000 and save my youth and effort and attend an OWS event.

5. You want men to have jobs? Are there any to have? Taxes are so high, as are regulations, that they're driving companies offshore LEAVING NO JOBS! I love 8.6% unemployment/ 15% U6 unemployment! Hey, while we're at it, let's borrow another trillion for social programs and defunct "green" companies and spend more money on an education bubble! If you want men to man up, how about you study some basic economics and vote accordingly to provide the economic environment in which men can man up?

6. What did you think would happen when the first full generation of men raised by single moms hit the dating market? NOW you want "real men?" Sorry, they're all mama's boys. Oh, and the rough and bad boy type you want? Ritalin kind of vaccinates boys against that.

7. "Hey Dad, I remember you going through divorce and seeing you eat out of a can. That must have really sucked! What's that dad? A vasectomy costs $1,000 while divorce and children cost $500,000? Gee, thanks dad! I'm sure glad I learned from your mistakes! I'm never getting married and am going to bang on my drums all day and I'll STILL come out ahead financially!"

I guess I could go on, but it frankly gets tiresome because these girls just don't seem to get it. You ignore men, male psychology and male sexuality, you put the entire focus of society on women and completely ignore the other half of the population. And after 40 years of that men will go away and abandon their male roles. They will become myopic in their approach to sexuality and interacting with women, and they will change their behavior to benefit them the most with the least amount of risk and the highest amount of reward.

The only question I have is instead of speculating about why or complaining, why don't women just go and ask the guys? They'll tell you the answer...or is it women are afraid of the answer?

Regardless, the whole debate though is actually quite moot. The clock cannot be turned back to the 1970's and undo the social changes that were started back then. Additionally, most of the men I know and run into have adapted to the environment that was laid out for them and most of them are happy. It really seems to be the women who have trouble with men staying home, playing video games all day, drinking beer and being Peter Pan forever. I don't think most men have a problem with that all.

Alas, perhaps girls, you could learn something from my boys or at least gain insight into their psychology:

Boys, see if you can finish my sentence:

"Boys, you know what to do. It's time to ________ _____ _______!"


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy The Decline!!!


Grousey said...

enjoy the decline!

Franky-z said...

I was going to say "enjoy the decline," but was beaten to the punch.

Legion said...

I guess you left out False Rape Claims, False Domestic Violences Claims, and divorce court rape of men so it can be jammed down the throat of anything dumb enough to argue with you.

Enjoy the decline!

Anonymous said...

I admit I got through about 2 and a bit pages of that before giving up.

But I wanted to touch on page 2 of the article in regards to the "character" conner.

She is describing a man that has passed through 12-16 years of the dual poison of liberal indoctrination and man bashing. He wont take work he doesnt "like" just to pay his bills? He would rather be poor than take high paying jobs he has been offered because it doesnt mesh with his "dreams". Huh. What exactly do people expect to get out of our current system? More unicorns?

Men that pass through our current educational system are UNABLE to be the kind of men needed to support society and women AT ALL. This little liberal experiment in indoctrination is not going to end well because our entire economy is going to crash and burn because of it. And all they can do is stand around and point fingers at thier political enemies over the flames.

How sad for them. Cant even call it good entertainment anymore since the greatest champions of our days causes are such piss poor representatives of intelectualism, let alone humanity. :(

Unknown said...

I actually read most of the article - nice to see somebody's asking the questions...

You're right though, they don't want to hear the answers.

This one make me laugh out loud:
“...they’re choosing to do something that wastes their time and sucks the life out of them.”
-this about gamers, who of course should be having relationships instead. As if relationships don't "waste their time and sucks the life out of them."

Ping Jockey said...

" frankly gets tiresome because these girls just don't seem to get it..."

The problem is that they and the Femborg collective they are part of REFUSE to 'get it'. If the answer is what they don't want to hear and/or is something which doesn't happen to fit their preconceived notions, they do the equivalent of plugging their fingers in their ears and going "I CAN'T HEAR YOU! LA, LA, LA, LA...!"

This attitude of "It's NEVER women's/feminism's fault, and if you think so it's only because you hate women!" hasn't really changed since the start of "Women's Liberation" in the 1960's when they used the Trojan Horse of "We only want 'equality' for women!".

And we have seen the Beast that has turned into.

As it has been said previously on the manosphere, "Before feminism, the majority of women didn't have any trouble finding husbands; nowadays they do -- BIG TIME.
This just shows how women refuse to understand 'Cause and Effect'."

The 'article' (and the whining in it) isn't anything we men haven't seen before in various forms and guises.

It's just the same old song -- only the jukebox has changed.

Captain Capitalism said...

"Fraunlaven" gets extra points, even though it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

oh yes but you forgot the their are no illegals, bleeding heart etc. women who relentlessly support high immigration legal and illegal cause its so carring. Tough on guys trying to make a start in a high unemployment economy. 120,000 immigrants a month (the legal part) pretty much eats the job recovery.

Captain Capitalism said...

Ooo! good one.

I forgot how much the women love those illegal aliens.

I remember a girl that wouldn't date me because I was not Christian. She had never kissed a guy, and was saving her "lip virginity" for her fiancee.

But then she got drunk one night at a salsa club in Minneapolis. Made out with an illegal alien. Gave him her phone number. AND THEN CALLED ME TO COMPLAIN WHEN HE WAS CALLING HER IN HIS BROKEN ENGLISH!

Yeah, I forgot about that. But now I remember. And I am now reconfirmed in my belief women were the ones to blame for the poor state of today's "courting" environment.

grerp said...

Hingston doesn't much care for Gen X:

I don't think she's trying real hard to "get it."

Anonymous said...

This is excellent, IMHO.

As the good captain said, she is ASKING the question...not answering it.

This is huge. I disagree with the captain and the admiralty of the man-O-sphere on other matters. Women ARE getting it. Slowly but surely they are getting the message sent by the captain and the brass hats. They are having an effect. Women are learning in droves that they are not who they think they are - and us fellas are not what they thought we were.

I was at the tip of the spear when the pussification of society began, and guys that actually saw it and put it into words were years away. I can tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Good work, men. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm so ashamed.

I was going to say "play video games". Sorry Cap.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I was on the wrong track. I said "fuck me hard"

Anonymous said...

I was going to say "buy a motorcycle", but then that is just my way of enjoying the decline!

Senior Manchild said...

take it easy

scallywag said...

I see people are really entering the 'anger phase' of the Decline of 'Merica.' Maybe if your hero capitalists hadn't offshored all our manufactoring capacity to Asia and Mexico more men would be working at decent paying jobs. Looks like our employment future is at 'Buffalo Wild Wings'.. no wonder guys are just staying home with mom and pops. Hard to buy a car and rent a decent pad on $10 an hour.