Friday, March 30, 2012

Which is Why I Play Video Games

I don't think I've watched a network TV show in probably 8 years.

I think "Firefly" was the last cable show I watched and that was on DVD.

This is of course excluding cartoons which I watch nightly.

I wonder when the marketing geniuses in TV will realize that in order to boost sales they might want to consider targeting this highly under-served segment of the market called "men." I hear it's a pretty big market.


Brendan said...

As do I.

Just don't play the ending of Mass Effect 3. It's terrible.

Anonymous said...

45 yo playing Battlefield 3 because it's Damn Fucking better than the shit on tv.

Greg said...

At the age of 42 I'm also still into video games and cartoons (which I felt more ashamed of than the former until I read you).

Still not off the TV as I'm a New Yorker and am just accustomed to having some "noise" in the background no matter what I'm doing even surfing. House feels empty w/o it*shrugs*

I noticed my friend has a pretty good set-up with a 2 terrabyte hard-drive hooked up to a big flat-screen absolutely full of full seasons of TV cable shows and porn saved from the web. I'm looking into it as it would save me the cost of $70 per mth and I can keep up-to-date newswise via web/Mark Levin podcasts and web radio.

amcz said...

My viewing of network TV shows has gone from "almost nothing" in 2000 and 2001, to "nothing at all" circa 2006.

And now there's nothing I really want to watch on cable either.

I read on my Kindle more often. It's really cut into my viewing habits.

Anonymous said...

I like having a Roku box. Good way to get the better network stuff off Netflix & Hulu without having to wade through commercials or wait a week b/t/w episodes. Of late Sons of Anarchy and NBC's Grimm have proved worth watching. That's about it, haven't really enjoyed a series prior to these two since The Wire.

Baron Metzengerstein said...

Pretty much agree, though I do find myself watching some of the CSI/murder mystery stuff (mostly Castle and Psych), though it seems like it's only a matter of time before any given show turns into 90210 with dead people; after which you have to wait a year or two before they start a new show with a clean slate.

Also, did you know a TON of old TV shows like Dragnet are available on youtube these days?