Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekend Linkage

From the front lines in Wisconsin on the Glenn Grothman saga, a female's point of view which I believe was necessary.

Dalrock advances his philosophy to realize a very common problem we face here in the freedom/libertarian/manosphere world - you can't argue with ignorance or people who do not wish to be intellectually honest.

The term "crusaderism" is spreading! I'll be dead by the time this happens, but hopefully the term will make it into the lexicon of political discussion to aptly describe the world's most evil and corrupt people.

Have kids first. Then ask whether you have the time to adequately finance and raise them.

Chained to a desk, or chained to a man
, I hope the desk hugs you back at night. But, then again, I have no skin in this game. I'm just thoroughly entertained watching full grown adults wade through the consequences of 1970's feminism.

Lord, grant me the strength (and life expectancy) to count the ways.


Rowan said...

Hello Capt, I've decided to set up a new offshore company in Hong Kong.

Check out all the info on that website. In the UK I'd be paying 1/3 to 2/3 my income in taxes from 30kGBP to 300kGBP a year, with plenty more expenses and taxes added on to that if I want to do anything with my money. Even if you don't live in Hong Kong the tax advantages are enormous. You can still pay yourself less than $30k a year so you're not funding the US gov, put down almost anything as a tax deductible expense and pile up all the extra profits in your offshore business account.

It's all legal, you were not born to be a serf for the West.

It takes a bit of setting up but it's well worth it. I know you feel like doing so much more than enjoying the decline Capt. Why not build an epic business, make a load of money AND help starve the beast?

Ryan R said...

I honest to God credit this website, along with a few other manosphere sites coupled with personal experience for giving me the kick in the ass I need to finish up my current worthless degree (I've got 12 credit hours left) and get a grad degree in Accounting.

I wish I would have sought out advice when I started college because I could have avoided all the idiocy between then and now but I've learned and I want to do better from here on out.

Thanks Captain.

Rowan said...

This guy's pure class.

Rowan said...

Going hiking in a mountain range far away from anywhere tomorrow, no people, none of this madness.