Monday, March 26, 2012

Saint Leykis on Starbucks Economics

Of the many reasons I love Tom Leykis, the fact he grew up in poverty and thus has the EXACT SAME ground-up views of economics that I did is probably number one.

Despite having millions, Saint Leykis still makes the same observations and can make the same precise mathematical calculations about everyday simple personal finance that most people don't or are incapable of.

In his First Letter to the Starbuckians, Saint Leykis points out the truth whilst ripping the Starbuckians a well-deserved new one. This is a must for all economists because his observations are outstanding and precise.


CD said...


I know that if I go to a coffee store and drop a whole 5 bucks that I can zone out and do what I'm going to be doing anyway, but have a much better chance of running into someone to talk to than if I'm sitting in front of my computer at home. I've run into a lot of cute girls in coffee shops.

I also know that I won't have to deal with drunk assholes or also pay the outrageous price for booze.

$5 isn't that much to pay for the benefits. I could save that money, but for what?

Captain Capitalism said...

You'd be saving it for nothing. It would be confiscated in a "wealth tax" to pay for the parasites of society who deem work beneath them.

MarkyMark said...


Tom Leykis didn't grow up in poverty; he grew up in Long Island as the child of working class parents. That said, he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth...


Anonymous said...

Starbucks is for fags & by that I mean ineffectual, feminine guys who try to be trendy - spending a fortune on clothes & trying to look good, it's a smokescreen like politicians dressing in suits to look respectable.

In stark contrast I'm an engineer, make good money & dress like I don't give a damn, don’t eat expensive food but spend money on things that matter (for example I do have a cool car – for enjoyment of driving a sports car, not to pick up chicks) I'm too busy focusing on getting shit done!

But to all you fags out there keep consuming for the benefits of being a superficial nancy-boy, it keeps me in a well-paid job without competition from others with ‘Worthless’ qualifications.

Anonymous said...

It is not a letter. It is a recording, and I don't have speakers.

With that said, it won't stop me from responding anyway.

Starbucks has the best green tea frappuccino thing ever. I bought a $15 dollar giftcard off my roommate for $10 and I love that stuff.

Anonymous said...

3:49 AM Anonymous is a jerk. Fuck you. You are the fag.

Captain Capitalism said...

Alright, calm down people.

Anon, I do believe if you are going to make fun of effeminate men "ghey" is the appropriate term to use without being derogatory to our gay brothers and sisters. "Fag" has no secondary meaning that is not derogatory...well...except in Britain where it means cigarettes I believe.