Sunday, March 04, 2012

William Johnson is an Overpaid Baby Sitter

Boo, freaking hoo.

Something tells me he doesn't have to worry about health insurance.

Getting mighty tired of adult-children from the suburbs who think this teaching racket is a "tough" job. Just once, just once I'd love to see one of these pansified girly men work a 20 hour shift, or heck, I'd settle for them working the dog shift for 3 months and see if they need a therapist to address their sleeping problems and what the lack of sun does to the human mind.

Bunch of spoiled little children who merely aged past the point of puberty but never grew up or manned up and think government jobs are "tough."


Anonymous said...

"Bad" teacher = one who teaches black kids or white retards.

"Good" teacher = one who teaches non-retarded white or Asian kids.

Swap the teachers between the best and worst schools in the state, and standardized test scores won't change.

Captain Capitalism said...

It has nothing to do with who he teaches. I subbed for "special education" and it's a crock. Most (not all) of the kids need a swift fatherly kick in the ass. And if this "man" can't handle it, and dares to go to the NYT to complain AND (gee, what are the chances) beg for more money, to hell with him.

I'm tired of hearing excuses and demands for more money when idiots like this are the ones we employ.

MikeM_inMD said...

The rating system is clearly subjective, inconsistent, and arbitrary. You have two choices: ignore it or leave.

Anonymous said...

Of course he will fail. His job is impossible. These children are not high school students at all. It's cheaper, too.

peterj said...

Easy to whine about a job when you have nothing to compare to in the real world. Every teacher I have ever met has never worked at a real job and most gave the impression they are hard done by with picky as*ed little problems, while still trying to maintain that superiority complex they get with that teaching certificate. I once asked a teacher at a social event why so many students are graduating when they can't read, write, spell or do basic math without a calculator. I was told (visualize ice here) that it was not important in the age of computers. She avoided me the rest of the evening. The joy of social engineering I guess. I disagreed but I don't have a teaching certificate so I was just another unenlightened parent.

Rowan said...

Lefties Explained.

Pulp Herb said...

Actually, can we require them to do a week in the engineroom of a nuclear submarine to get their license to whine?

I did many, many weeks of that and trust me, given a choice between that and gov't sponsored babysitting I know which gov't job I'd take in a heartbeat.

Here's a hint: the one with sunlight.

sisterbrat said...

Personally I know if I were a teacher I would consider it the hardest job ever, but that is because I don't like kids. Especially kids that are grouped without my input and foisted on me. However, that is why I am not a teacher, and will never be a teacher. If it is so "hard" for him, perhaps he should consider a new career.

3 months off, an infinitesimal chance of being fired, steady to great benefits,8-3 M-F, and a personal choice made to enter or leave the profession.

Shyah, soooo hard.