Thursday, March 01, 2012

Won't Somebody Please Think of the Chillllldreeeeennnn

I will say it again, because it's true. And we all know how a lot of you out there have a problem with the truth.

The majority of teachers do not care about kids. They use kids and "education" as a means to have an easy job with 3 months a year vacation. And I get mightily sick and tired when I see them cowardly hide behind the "noble crusade of educating the chillllldreeeennnnn" when they're just robbing them blind.


Southern Man said...

A few comments (as a university professor whose former spouse was a middle-school math teacher)...

You don't get three months vacation - you get a nine-month contract. There is a difference. And, yes, it is good to have 3/4 of a job if you can live off that income.

Education majors come mainly from the bottom decile of college majors. Yes, we use the dumbest of our college graduates to teach our kids.

Education is the one college degree you can earn with an absolute minimum of math and science. Most K-8 teachers are profoundly ignorant in those areas.

K-8 is intensely anti-male. It's anti-male against male kids, and anti-male against the rare male teacher. In a lot of K-8 schools the only male employees are the janitors and (occasionally) the principal.

That said, most K-12 teachers are good folk who try hard and take their job seriously. And the ones who aren't single moms are fun to date.

grerp said...

Have you been following the horror in Highland Park, MI?

The Highland Park Public Schools are bankrupt - BANKRUPT bankrupt. They have an emergency manager; it has apparently not helped. They asked for a 4 million dollar loan from the state last summer and were given it. That money is gone. There are only about 1000 students left in Highland Park and the per student spending is $16,000. This is nearly three times the cost to send a child to private Catholic schools.

Well, there out of money again. Payroll wasn't made last week.

"All teachers have showed up to work in each of Highland Park's three schools, but parents say that's all they have done: Show up.

"One teacher said we can take our kids home. She said, 'I'm present, but I'm not teaching,'" Johnson said. Hightower said she had been in constant communication with staff on all levels and that she heard no complaints."

grerp said...

More numbers, since I think you can appreciate numbery goodness:

Legion said...

Quick geography lesson here. Highland Park sits in the middle of Detroit. No other explanation is really needed here.

Last spring the Detroit School District released the students standard tests results. As it turns out in Detroit, a student learns more if they are kept home. Please note I did not say home schooled. Merely that they learn more without going to school in that atrocious place.

I don't know how they figured out what those kids at home knew.

Anonymous said...

Southern Man has it precisely right - except for one thing. Most K-12 teachers EARLY IN THEIR CAREERS try hard and take their job seriously, but after 5 or 10 years, the longer they stay in the classroom the fewer of them care.

What gets to me is how some idiots with a handful of years of teaching in elementary ed. think they are so vastly superior in intellect then others who have doctorates and real masters degrees including dentists doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer scientists, etc.

But to be totally worthless, you have to be a school administrator.

Grerp has it right about the financials too.

So why can't we kill off this ineffective, wasteful government monopoly?