Thursday, March 08, 2012

Go Glenn Grothman, Go

Roissy has discovered the tendered legislation to acknowledge single parenthood is a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect. Though he has it slightly wrong, in the post it cites single mothers, whereas I believe the legislation cites single parents (as it should).

Regardless it is interesting to see the contrast in the comments between what I deem mature, wise, tough fatherly love-maturity (though a bit crass) and the knee-jerk, reactionary rush-to-run behind the children, claim victim status and blame sexism (all while ignoring the children of course). It's also interesting to note the Yahoo article put in "single moms" as the target of the legislation, when the legislation is targeted towards single-parents (including single dads). Then again, what do you expect from those political and philosophical sophisticates who go to Yahoo for their news.

Regardless, what we're seeing here is the Manosphere, men in general, and women who genuinely do care about family, society and the country, clashing with the established media and political forces that have benefited and profited from single-parent households via the trillions of dollars in social programs that goes to "fight" (but never resolve) the symptoms. The conflict will be interesting, but in the end the productive and responsible members of society will win, if for any other reason they're based in reality, whereas the idea "single-parent households" are in general a "good thing" is based in La-La Land.

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