Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keep Majoring in Fluff, Girls, Men Need Strippers

Every father with a "precious little princess" for a daughter should be buying my book.


Well, when your precious little girl who can do no wrong grows up and majors in journalism, chances are much higher she'll be a stripper. Not that me and my boys are complaining, you understand!

And girls, you do whatever your precious little heart tells you. Follow your dream! Follow your heart. Major in "early childhood education," major in "English," major in "child psychology, you go grrrrrl! Because the world needs strippers! And fathers, by all means, you pay for her tuition!

(Or you could could shell out $12.95 to vaccinate your daughters against such a fate).


Brendan said...

Simply hilarious.

New Columbia Review said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, why would we need "early childhood educators." All we need are more economists to, you know, to explain why we reward so well the productive barons of Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

This story says that UK schools "receive more money if their A-level pupils take subjects such as media studies or psychology instead of maths."

In other words, the government is subsidizing the worthless subjects but not the valuable subjects. As we all know, subsidize something and you get more of it.

A Member of Parliament is quoted as wondering why "media studies" are subsidized at all. (The obvious answer -- Britain needs more strippers!)

Just1X said...


in the UK:
1) kids love higher grades - we R klever. Easy subjects => better grades
2) teachers' bonuses are by results. higher grades => more bonus. easy subject => higher grades
3) schools are judged on the grades of their kids. higher grades => better school rating => steer kids to easy subjects.
4) parents love being told that their kids R da smartz. easy subjects => higher grades => smarter kidz
5) politicians love that every year new record high results are produced => they love stupid subjects.
6) exam setting boards are in competition. They sell more exams if they drop standards so that schools get good grades.

The only people who don't win are the employers, who say "these kids can't even read and write properly".

Universities used to complain that they had to teach their new students stuff that should have been taught at school. They got a steaming cup of STFU, and so they just dropped their standards too.

So now kids have to get a Master's in addition to a Batchelor's, because all the world and their retarded dog have Batchelor's degrees.

So the kids take longer to leave education (stay off unemployment stats), pay more fees and earn more money.

It's all fucked up. Same shit here that you have there.