Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who Wants to Hire Julie Rothe?

Now, don't all you employers rush to line up now! Patience, patience, she can only work at one firm!

"Julie Rothe, an 18-year-old finance and information systems freshman, said she plans to accept responsibility. But she will challenge the penalty, she said, because students cheated in years past.

“I’m really angry at the fact that students got away with this in earlier semesters,” she said. “We are taking the hit, and I believe that is unfair.”"


Actually reminds me of my olden days teaching at "kollige."


sisterbrat said...

Lessee...stupid, willing to cut corners, no integrity, and finance/information management. Hmmm. I bet there are quite a few places that would hire her. She would be stupid enough to fall into some very bad juju, then they would leave her to take the fall.

Now, places worth working for? No. none. She is toast at places with integrity and honor.

Bullitt315 said...

I'm really not that surprised they cheated. I'd say a majority of people cheat in some way in college. Personally, I didn't cheat on tests but I'd copy HW because I found it tedious. My problem is they told them they would catch them and they still did it! How stupid do you have to be?

Pulp Herb said...

Well, if I was still running a Dominos, female drivers get better tips so I might give her a go.

Doing the IT work I do? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Pretty silly to cheat, especially when the chance of getting caught is guaranteed.

However, I have been in computer science/engineering classes where the prof was a twit who didn't teach anyone anything. Most of the people there had minimal programming experience, yet the prof demanded the kind of work that hardcore c language experts would find difficult. Unfortunately, many people cheated and/or collaborated on projects. While this is inexcusable, it wouldn't have happened if the prof. hadn't had his head up his ass with regards to reality. If that many people cheated, the teacher might want to look at his own style.

Anonymous said...

Computer scientist here.

Well, i guess that explains the less-than-spectacular kids making the grade over here. They can't code worth .

jquest said...

Great post. ..I knew these schools were questionable, but what a drag to know how bad they really are.

Love your blog, btw. I just ran upon it yesterday. Great stuff, Captain. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Depends, is she hot?

Anonymous said...

I'd tap her, Captain.

Anonymous said...

Explain how "challenging the penalty" is "taking responsibility"?

It's not. If she's taking responsibility, then she should take the penalty without complaint.

Immature brat.