Monday, March 19, 2012

No, It's Not "Free for Now"

Tell me how $915,000 of federal taxpayer money is considered "free." Do liberals and leftists in government and in the civilian population really believe it's "free" or do they know full well it isn't free, but say it is anyway so as not to suffer a backlash in the polls?

Oh and by the way Oregonians, I want my money back.


Joseph said...

"Bruce Sargent said, when he was using a Level 1 charger at home, he barely noticed the difference in his electric bill. When he installed a Level 2 charger, it went up about $15 a month, still far below what he was spending on gas."

This is simply impossible, and since this bozo is relating actual personal experience, it's a flat out lie. It can't happen.

Bullitt315 said...

They really do believe it's free. At a fundamental level they do not understand that money has to have something to back it to make it worth something. These people believe money is the good that is worth something.

New Columbia Review said...

Joseph it can happen. If you're the only liberal douche to "plug-in" your car...sure it will be cheap. But take the whole neighborhood "pluggin'" and BOOM! people's electric bills will go up $100 a month.

Supply and Demand.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but check out this link:

Captain Capitalism said...


I saw the link and read it, but it was basically an advertisemnet for that woman's book. AND there was no mention about how women will do in the private sector against men vs. the public sector. It's a pipe dream for feminists. Until women start matching men in STEM fields they will never actually EARN (emphasis on the meaning of the word "earn") what men do. The only way they will outwage us (not out earn us) is through government intervention and overpaid government jobs.

sth_txs said...

And worse than that, the greenie weenies really think wind and solar will be able power these vehicle miles.

That's assuming they are not against that to.

CBMTTek said...

OK, let me see if I have this straight. Even with the charging stations currently not charging the end user a fee, the trip to Portland is expected to take 3 hours longer.

Hmmm.... let's see. At minimum wage of (what is it now? $7.50?, I do not know) that three hours is equivalent to $22.50. Let's say gas is an average of $4 a gallon, that equates to about 5-2/3 gallons. At a gas guzzling 15 MPG that is 84 miles you can drive on what you could otherwise have earned in that three hours.

Add to that the fact the average Nissan Leaf owner makes significantly more than minimum wage (realistically, something like $30/hour pulling a number out of my backside there), that three hours is more like $65 after taxes, and that equates to something like 236 miles you could have driven at 15MPG.

Frankly, the math does not work out, unless you take the attitude that time is NOT money. And, frankly, my time is worth a lot more then money to me.

Captain Capitalism said...

Now CBMTTek,

Are you trying to apply logic, reason and (GASP!) MATH to liberal thinking????

No wonder your blood pressure is up!


CBMTTek said...

I know, I should know better than to expect a liberal to listen to a mathematical proof.

"But, I am leaving a smaller carbon footprint." They will say. "I am saving a ton of money on gas." they will say.

When I ask them how much gas they could have bought with the $9000 more their electric/hybrid car cost them, they look perplexed, confused.

"I am saving money and you aren't."

Then they call me an idiot.