Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Generations of Fathers Could Not Be Reached for Comment

One thing before I attach the link.

It was my policy in high school and middle school to ask out hot chicks.  That was about my only policy.  I didn't care where they came from, whether they were living in a trailer, whether they were poor, or even if they were dumb.  If I wanted to nail them, I would ask them out.

And I remember being universally rejected at the same rates regardless of what class, clique, or social status the girl was.  In other words the same percentage of popular girls would say yes as the same percentage of trailer trash.

So what I don't fall for one second is that these women/girls, just because they grew up poor or from a broken home, didn't have good boys/men asking them out and approaching them, and like most women, went with their tingles and not their brains and consciously chose bad men over good.  You don't need to be a 4.0, honors student in the debate team to know that the douche with tears tattooed on his eye who can barely show up to school on time and already has a juvie record is bad news.

Still they choose shit over quailty.

Ergo, not only do I award this a:

"Generations of Fathers Could Not Be Reached for Comment"

but also award it

"And Zero Fucks Were Given"


Situyong said...

And the world still turns.

Anonymous said...

People tell me life's a game I'm not playin'
Bitches don't mean shit to me anymore
I have taken my blows, I'm still standin'

faithless cynic said...

I dated a girl with two evil Satan spawn kids from a bad boy who was not around. This bad boy was pretty good with fake ID. The girl told me he had married and fathered two OTHER kids before her ( that she knew about ) In both cases, bad boy had simply assumed another identity and disappeared without paying a dime of support. I asked the girl " If you knew he had a pattern of fathering and abandoning kids, why did you marry him? " She replied " I thought I could change him " I was supposed to raise and support the Satan spawn kids who FUCKING HATED ME.

I declined.

Unknown said...

The real kicker is that the author, Tina Nash, has lived off the tax-payer her whole life.
I will certainly enjoy the decline when these parasites wake up and find themselves starving and cold because "their money" can no longer buy anything.

The Shrug said...

That woman is Briffault's Law incarnate.

mts1 said...

So when I see these dating profiles where the woman has to say in the first sentence that her kids come first no matter what, I now have a usable translation as per this article. It reminds me of a local newspaper story of a woman whose boyfriend liked to put cigarettes out on her two children's arms and lock them in a closet for hours to where they peed themselves. She of course made 1001 excuses for him and testified on his behalf. Imagine what it would do to you, your own mother siding against you on behalf of the stranger who did this to you.

I have sympathy for the Rotweiller that the guy stabbed to death when he got tired of it. Dog had no say in its situation. The money quote at the end that her new loving boyfriend she got after being blinded just got sent to prison for assaulting her had me laughing in spite of myself.

The newspaper author is wrong. I am not required to have sympathy for her. I sympathise for myself and all the other stand-up, go to work guys that these women say ick about as they throw themselves at thugs and have their life decisions cost more and more of our hard earned incomes every time it bites them in the butt. Sorry faithless cynic, we have to raise and support the Satan spawn kids who hate us whether we want to or not. You and I are Uncle Sugar.

liberranter said...

The "good" news is that this extreme example of a damaged woman is so obvious, so in-your-face clearly beyond hope of repair that even the most self-abasing of white knight Captain Save-a-Ho's will say "no, thank you, not with a 50-foot pole and with my worst enemy's dick."

Tina Nash was custom made for her relationships and her ultimate fate by her sorry excuse for a mother. That and the British welfare state that enabled parasites like this to breed and thrive are ultimately the culprits.

Anonymous said...

Crazy men are in jail... eventually. However, crazy women are showered with pity and encouraged to continue damaging society and their children. Men, we must stop banging crazy chicks... even if they are easier and more fun at the critical moment.

MC said...


Does not cover it.

I guess girls like this moron and her tastes in boyfriends are why, by the time intelligent women are ready to date, all the good men are bitter??


I knew a girl like that back in college. Every time I suggested that she get her head out of her ass, go to trade school, and stop having sex with guys she knew were thugs, she got all offended and swore I was trying to "make her white."

Dunno who taught that girl what load of crap, but dark skin doesn't mean you have to be stupid (and, obviously, light skin doesn't make you immune).

Fatherlessness isn't an excuse. You don't need a white picket fence model to recognize stupid. You don't need a suburban middle-class upbringing to realize that the operational definition of 'insanity' is 'doing the same thing and expecting a different result.'

Anonymous said...

Even the average and below girls have ridiculous demands or unbelievably low standards. There are worse things than being single, guys. One that comes to mind is dealing with a psychopathic ex and his snotty kids and ex-piece who see you as little more than a walking ATM.