Friday, January 29, 2016

Episode #131 of the Clarey Podcast!

Motorcycle riding across the US
Meeting "Bama the Dog"
Cigar Lounges of the South
Houston is rather large
If you're going to the office after 45 you're doing it wrong
How large cities screw over young people
Women more violent than men

and more!!!



Anonymous said...

I think I disagree with the statement, "if you're still going to the office after age 45, you're doing it wrong." At age 46 I still enjoy doing what I dreamed of doing since I was a teenager -- engineering. The challenges of architecting a solution, designing details, building, testing, and deploying are all quite satisfying to me. Every bullet on my resume is another notch in my belt, and I've been careful to seek a variety of challenges over time to build both breadth and depth in my engineering expertise. Yes, there have been layoffs and occasionally I've simply left a dysfunctional company, but I've been able to live in 8 different states, see steady pay/bonus/stock increases, have a stay-at-home mom focus on the kids, be home for dinner most evenings, and take regular family vacations.

I agree careers in the military, trades, or STEM are the best paths forward for now. I also agree with living minimally and spending less than you earn. But I do think the young men who frequent this site and read your books need to discern between practical, useful advice and opinion. I guess I've been fortunate to have the right career, the right woman, good kids, and later in life a modest stockpile of assets at my disposal. Slow and steady has paid off for me.

There's nothing wrong with the office if the money is there and you can achieve some work-life balance. Have something you're passionate about, that's also in demand, and be the best at it. Then live a rich life with a good partner.

heresolong said...

Good podcast. Got me jonesing for a motorcycle trip. Unfortunately winter is not it for me (my bikes are not starting from Florida, for one). I guess I get to live a little vicariously until summer then I can hit the road again.