Thursday, January 14, 2016

Calling All Hot Nerdy Chicks

Attention All Female Lieutenants and Agents in the Field,

The ole Captain is coming around the final stretch to finish "Curse of the High IQ" and will move onto the marketing stage.  And to be blunt because i'm an asshole and I don't like wasting time, I want to market it with hot nerds.  This entails donning some glasses, and aiming for that "nerdy babe" look, and posing with the book (once it gets to production).  I know we have some female lieutenants and agents in the field that may not be nerds, but you can always pull off the motif if you want.

Anyway, contact the ole Captain if you're interested, send me a mailing address, you get free book, no money blah blah blah blah, men like to see cute girls instead of charts, blah blah blah blah, help inspire the real men with blah blah blah blah show leftists we have hotter women blah blah blah blah.




Mark In Mayenne said...

Hi cappy, I'm a 60yo nerd guy. Can I get a free book if I pose a cool pic to pull the nerd girl customers?

Jimmy Jambone said...

Do they have to be in their underwear like that one on your site?

My girl is hot, nerdy, anti-left and might agree to this but she wouldn't go so far as posing in her underwear.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Jimmy,

No no, PG 13 or cleaner. You know the "nerdy hot IT librarian" type theme. Glasses, white dress shirt, pigtails, maybe carrying a book or something.