Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Why Most of Your Professors are Idiots

"The final price genuinely intelligent people will pay in college is dealing with those who aren’t.  Specifically, “faux-intellectuals.”  These are the idiots who aren’t intelligent, but since they’re on a college campus they desperately try to fake it.  They fall into two general camps.

Your professors


college graduates.

Like K-12 teachers, most professors are worthless, talentless hacks who couldn’t find jobs in the real world.  They typically hail from enough parental money (or student debt) that they managed to get a doctorate or masters in their field.  Unfortunately, most of the “faux-intelligent” professors majored in worthless subjects that required no intellectual rigor (the humanities, the liberal arts, etc.) so the only real place that will hire them is academia…to simply reteach what they learned 2-4 short years ago.  This means you are guaranteed to run into them as you’re forced to take their meaningless and pointless classes in “14th Century Lesbian Pygmy Sculpture” or “Diversity and Ethno-Centrism Privileged Studies.”

The problem is, very much like your teachers being the “adult,” you will assume your professors are smarter than you because…well…they’re “professors.”


This is an excerpt from my upcoming book/essay "The Curse of the High IQ"

And yes, it is coming out that good.


sth_txs said...

Plenty of STEM professors just as stupid and worthless as their libtard counterparts. They end up in administration causing problems because they can't teach or come up with any original worthwhile research.

Some even vote for the dope smoking bathhouse boy who is as talentless as they are.

beta_plus said...

DON'T FORGET THE STEM PROFESSORS! They are not much better. Besides demanding out dated pre reqs because they don't want to design new course for which they are paid, they are astoundingly perverse and corrupt. Google "Lasaga Penn State".

deb harvey said...

went to a high school with some excellent teachers and a few called 'coach'.
our world history teacher told us that some of the worst teachers the ones we'd get in college.
boy, was he right!
terrible quality.
tuition money wasted.
thought i'd learn something there but it was not to be.
go to 'coursera' and 'khan academy' on the internet to find some excellent teachers and get a taste of what it is like before you waste you cash at college.
then you can make informed decisions.

grey enlightenment said...

sounds like a good read

Tucanae Services said...

I hope you have a section labelled -- "Exceptions and How to Find Them"

Yes I am a professor and yes I teach. But I don't teach 'Advanced Basket Weaving 402', I teach IT. I had worked in IT for 35 years. My career reads like the industry --

Infotron Systems
and a whole series of side gigs along the way.

Have BSCS (back when diff II calc was a required course) and MBA.

I got bored with retirement and decided to pass on my skills. My students call me Iron Ass for a reason.

So consider the suggestion. Not all of us podium jockeys are idiots.

Anonymous said...

I've personally observed how most university departments and administrations are a nest of man hating feminists who also spend a good deal of energy backstabbing their fellow feminists. It's like a shark feeding frenzy... when the men are gone they start in on each other.

Recommend math, science, or engineering. There are far fewer crazy women, but you'll still have a bunch of eunuchs and wispy males at the top. Hold your nose and cover your balls and keep your ass to the wall for 4 long years. If you're very lucky you'll befriend a Hemingway type old duffer professor who's simply holding on until retirement.

minuteman said...

I have an uncle who was a professor. He was head of R and D for a very large company before going into academia. While an academic he made tons of money on the side as a consultant since he was one of the leading experts in the world in his field. All professors should be like that, although in my academic career I never met one.

Anonymous said...

Captain, that is why I dropped out of university two times. It wont happen the third time. Keep it secret please!

weka said...

Yeah, I teach.
Undergraduate and Postgraduate, in my medical specialty.

I made my sons read worthless.

I have only one standard: if you are not acceptable you fail. Like Tucanae, I'm a hardass.

HR dweebs said they would not hire me... after I got the job. At my level they sort out benefits and little else.

The joy of getting older is that you care about training the people, not the morons in the hyphen studies.

Bird of Paradise said...

A bunch to total intellectual morons a chickens more intellegent then any of these idiots ever will be too darn stupid to tell how stupid they are

Teresa said...

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