Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why I Will NEVER Hire a Liberal Arts Grad

Do not even begin to tell me there is ANY value in the liberal arts in American colleges:

Remember, you can vaccinate your children from this bullshit by buying them Worthless.


MC said...

She actually got CREDIT for that?!?!

Good Lord!! I did major in English, but I CANNOT imagine any of my professors not tossing that out as irrelevant and inappropriate for class work.

Has college gone downhill that much in 15 years????

Mark Matis said...

One might note that TRUE SJWs always prefer the darker ones.

Adam Lawson said...

That shit right there is why a college transcript is good for an employer to see. If somebody took that class, period, I'd want to know what for. Even if they managed to get a STEM degree. Wolf, sheep's clothing and all.

I have a STEM (computer science, math minor). The only non-required classes I took were: extra science I thought I needed (no complaints), and a few creative writing classes because I enjoy it. The rest, even my "electives" all make sense - technical writing, etc. Oh, shit, wait.

I also took three bullshit classes my last semester after getting my job but before graduating. The paper itself meant a huge raise and I needed just a few bullshit credits to graduate. Since I was already working and just waiting on being able to say I graduated, I didn't have time for anything else - I took a bullshit environmental science class, a bullshit nutrition class (Jesus CHRIST I hated it), and... I honestly forget. It was only seven years ago but fuck if I can remember.

Requiring a number of hours for a degree is antiquated and should be banned. Everything should be proficiency based and you should be able to test out. I would have spent a year or year and a half less in school. And could probably score better on a proficiency exam than most computer science phds...

Mark Matis said...

Oh come on now, MC. Do you REALLY mean that you STILL do not understand how AA works in the US today???

Joe said...

I'm almost speechless over this one. Looks like something from a "studies" class.

HawkMan said...

Something I read, "This song is dedicated to poor, helpless, little Sandernistas that support Krampus Panders:

Ooo oo oo ooo oo ooo ooh

If I ever meet the real world
I don't know what I will do
If I can't get any Play-Doh
Or watch puppies on Youtube
If I'm forced into the real world
And see things I do not like
Or hear things that I don't want to hear
Or be triggered by someone white

Please keep me from the real world
Where my parents pay and pay
To get me to the real world
Where other people have a say

I once heard about the real world
(We once heard about the real world)
Where people can be mean
(Where people can be mean)
Where there are competitions
(What's a competition?)
That don't give trophies when you leave
(My room is full of those)

People might dare to correct me
(I think I'm getting triggered)
Tell me feelings are not facts
(I'm locked inside a bathroom now)
That kind of thing it upsets me
(It's worse than waterboarding)
I consider it an attack
(I need more money send it now)

Please don't put me in the real world
(Assuming it would take me)
I'll never make it through
(They'll never make it through)
Just keep me in a safe space
Any university will do"