Friday, January 08, 2016

How You Get Revenge

If a group of people came in and destroyed your country, destroyed your family, destroyed your life, and stole your future, your natural, mentally healthy reaction would be simple – revenge.  You would hunt those people down and kill them.  Unfortunately it wasn’t some roving band of post-apocalyptic bandits that did this to you, it was the electorate of the United States.  And unfortunately this electorate did it legally under a democracy.

Since this is a democracy, no matter how much damage the electorate causes, you have no recourse.  It doesn’t matter that it’s unlikely you’ll ever have a successful career, it doesn’t matter that it’s nearly impossible to start a family, it doesn’t matter you have no future.  By living in a democracy you agree to accept majority rule for better or worse.  Ideally this rule would be “better.”  The electorate figures things out, puts 2 and 2 together, and inevitably comes to the logical conclusion a minimal state and maximum freedom is the ideal form of government.  But as evidenced recently, the electorate is impaired, it’s ignorant, it’s naïve, and it’s brainwashed.  Consequently, the people not only get the government they deserve, the minority gets to unjustly suffer the consequences.

But what makes things particularly frustrating for the minority is one of forced-inaction.  Because this is a democracy any form of revenge or retaliation would be considered tyrannical or dictatorial.  The people have spoken, the majority got its way, opposing this would be hypocritically forcing the minority’s view on the majority.  Sadly this leaves Real Americans with no option but to sit and take it.  It also makes most of us feel helpless.  There’s no way to strike back, there’s no way to circumvent the consequences, there’s no way to turn the boat around.  There’s nothing we can do but futilely write letters to the editor or start blogs.  It is an issue of losing control over our futures and our lives, and there’s nothing we can do to avenge ourselves, let alone receive an ounce of recompense or justice.

However, things are not as hopeless as they first might seem.  There are legal measures you can take to exact your toll of revenge.  There are things you can do that will ensure your life is better than others.  And as it just so happens there are much more powerful forces at play that will deliver such a devastating blow of revenge against the people who destroyed the United States, that you could only dream of delivering such a blow.  The trick is to open your eyes to see it and savor it when it happens.

Future posts until I publish the new book will be excerpts from my previous works on account I want to finish it as quickly as possible, but not leave people lurching here.


DrTorch said...

Why do you say they did these things legally?

They often did not.

LooseScrew said...

“But as evidenced recently, the electorate is impaired, it’s ignorant, it’s naïve, and it’s brainwashed.”

I think we should add some window dressing to the description of the esteemed amerikan electorate: “In addition, the average voter is an unscrupulous predatory beast with insatiable greed and without morals.”

The reason this is so, of course, is a result of the one primal human shortcoming that seems to be inherent in just about everyone, the something-for-nothing mentality.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call the US a democracy, nor would I even consider it a republic governed by rule of law. It more closely resembles a fascist state than either of the previously mentioned governmental forms.

Jones said...

Revenge may be living better, but just deserts probably looks quite a bit like nobody being the wiser that you are ...

Anonymous said...

The best revenge of all it success in life... in spite of whatever roadblocks and cheap shots the losers throw at me.

Dan said...

"Democracy: Mob rule at the ballot box."

America was founded as a republic, it devolved into a democracy
and is now a corporate kleptocracy where those in office serve
the agenda of the rich, powerful and elite. Striking back at this
group of criminals in power is not just acceptable but is the duty
of patriots.

General P. Malaise said...

the USA is not a democracy, it acts like one because the electorate allows it to.

Karl said...

I hope some day you take some time off to read Atlas Shrugged.