Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gingers Demand High IQ's


Remember, free redhead with purchase of every book.  Scouts honor!


Anonymous said...


You might want to have someone proof-read that intro on the Amazon page:

"But more importantly it aims to bring sanity to those who struggle with abnormally intelligence..."

Either an "-ly" was inadvertently added to "abnormal", or (more likely) a "high" was left out after the "abnormally".

Either way, it does tend to take some of the gloss off of the whole "Curse of the High IQ" when the intro falls victim to the "Curse of Proper Grammar"!

jbrow327 said...

Dam. Is that your girlfriend Clarey? Pretty good looking dame.

Anonymous said...

Great shot, Just enough to see she got a sweet booty too.

Anonymous said...

What if you already are a redhead?