Friday, January 15, 2016

But E. Coli is Organic!

This is another perfect example where these organic and green zealots think the local ma and pa store down the road beats Wal-Mart in terms of efficiency, emissions, and health. 

I know you leftists hate large and successful companies.  I know you hate lower costs and genetically modified food that has resilience to disease and plague.  I know you all want to live in teepees and get back to one with nature.

But in the end economies to scale, efficiency, technological advancement and (GASP!) CAPITALISM beats, hands down, an irrational zealotry to pursue "green" or "organic."

Besides, just admit it.  You don't really care that it's green or organic.  That's just marketing.


Anonymous said...

I agree on many things about leftists, but captain, know that there was a mistake done by GMO companies in the beginning, as they did not educate the people about the benefits, nor did they make people aware of the new type of food introduced. And no one likes surprises! But when you talk a lot, its expected to make mistakes.

August said...

I can't shake the feeling someone is doing this to them on purpose.

August said...

I also think this has been covered- things like organic are added value, even if it is nothing but a story. If people are willing to pay more for a story, all power to them. Chipotle's buying channels ought to be less susceptible to these outbreaks than other mainstream restaurants, but what's more susceptible is their layout. They have that Subway style layout, except more of their items are at a warm temperature- in other words, they have more stuff sitting out at an ideal bacteria growing temperature. An individual could go in there and surreptitiously infect all the food sitting out, probably while eating (or at least ordering) a meal there to minimize suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Corporate sabotage

MC said...

This time, I really don't get it.

I know Chipotle is big into grass-fed, locally-sourced, hippie blah-blah-blah. Hey, capitalism in action-- they've found a niche and they're going to try to fill it.

They're hardly the mom-n-pop store down the street. They're a sizable chain-- just one with a somewhat different market than McDonald's (or WalMart).

They're doing more to solve (or appear to be solving) a problem that plagues pretty much ANY place that handles raw foodstuffs than, say, McDonald's.

I really don't see the rant this time. Unless it's that the fuckin' hipsters somehow think their lifestyle renders them immune to such proletarian issues as food poisoning. Which just makes them stupid.

Because E. coli IS organic. So is water hemlock.

YIH said...

Good point, in fact there is no official definition of 'green' or 'organic', a few advocacy groups are pushing for one but as it is you can slap the 'organic' label on just about anything.
Recently while grocery shopping with a friend I pick up (actual) butter 'organic!' my friend quipped 'is there such a thing as inorganic cows?' Actually, yes.
OTOH, while I don't agree with banning GMOs, I think they should be required (yes required) to be labeled as such. Let the customer decide if they want that or not. I'm leery of GMOs, I want to know if that's in there or not.
How about a circled (G) not unlike the (U) [kosher, for some people that matters] symbol?

Mr.Fruitbaskets said...

aren't we as human beings not right if we say people are just so lazy they'll give up freedom of mind?

Gerry Gorman said...

Your perspective is a bit slanted. GMO foods are not healthier. They are dangerous. The big business approach to our food has for the most part undermined the health of those who consume the manufactured "food like substances" that are produced. The fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts that are grown with an effort to use nature's best practices are the healthiest food there is, as they have always been. Also meats grown with some consideration to the best health of the animals are far superior to the factory farmed ones.( Go visit a CAFO. )
Just like mega corporations, big banks, big anything loose touch with the little guy. The same thing is true in the food industry.Big money is involved with GMOs and other adulterations of our food. Those of us seeking healthier sources are many times working to recover health lost by consuming the frankenfood of big agri-business.

Dreamer said...

If you're just bashing green and organics - calling out the pretension and BS around it. I do not have an issue. But I wouldn't use Wal-mart as the upstanding example for health. Leftist hatred of large companies for being large is irrational. But so is praising them just for being large thinking their are just the best for the consumers.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Aresnic, cyanide, and gamma radiation are all natural.

However, green goods can provide a market advantage for a certain niche. I however, shop on price.

sth_txs said...

Go look up Joe Salatin and his essay "Everything I want to Do is Illegal".

Unlike the hipsters, the man is a true capitalist at heart. We need more guys like him.

GMO means gene splicing and even though I'm engineer and like science, I don't think these guys really know what the hell they are doing.

Anonymous said...

One book, one author: The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis.

Pretty much sums up why Teddy Roosevelt passed the Pure Food and Drug act.

While the socialist themes in the book were appropriately brought down as ridiculous and asinine, the evaluation of the meatpacking industry was found by TR's investigators to be spot on.

Lewis' diatribe on the suffering of the common worker was overshadowed by the public heath issue of meat riddled with tuberculosis (which survives processing,) much to Lewis' chagrin and angst.

The trick is finding a balance between having outside entity monitoring the industry and not put stranglehold on innovation. Having an monitoring entity internal to the industry is like foxes watching the henhouse. I agree that there has been too much in the stranglehold direction, but to go totally free leads us down the road to what accounted in 1906. And, unlike then, I suspect most companies will become even more secretive.

Kristophr said...

"organic" means that the food was grown the old fashioned way: covered in shit.

I'll take non-disease carrying food grown with chemical fertilizers and kept free of pests with pesticides, thank you. "Silent Spring" has killed millions by allowing mosquitoes to avoid the perils of DDT.

Anonymous said...

Our food chain is disgusting and getting worse. The same bunch of government assholes who can't plow the fucking streets anymore also refuse to protect the food chain.

Having spent way too much time on the road earlier in life, I've concluded a person has to be out of their mind to eat uncooked food anywhere other than their own kitchen... and even then do so carefully (learn how to think like a scrub nurse). The people employed throughout the food chain literally wipe their ass with their hand. The majority of you reading this have been exposed to hep A and hep B through a food vector. If you get a blood test the viral titers will show this to be true. (Keep in mind, exposure does not necessarily mean you did not get sick, nor does it mean you carry it, you got lucky if not) Our guts are very clean from our chlorinated/fluoridated water, so we get popped pretty hard by the stuff on the butt-wipers fingers. Just look at those brainless bugger monsters next time you order fast food... most didn't bathe or wash their uniform before work... you think they got a clue about clean food preparation... you think they care.

My parents rightfully cautioned about eating the food in Mexico years ago, well Mexico has moved north.

Unknown said...

Just coming off some Chipotle induced food poisoning. Hey, at least I've developed some new antibodies in my system, right?