Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nature vs. the "Social Scientists" in "What Women Want"

An excerpt from "Curse of the High IQ!"

Finally, the most common complaint I hear from my female clients under 40 is the lack of real, masculine men.  While pursuing the ideal of equal treatment of the sexes, various faux-intellectuals and hacks posing as “social scientists” have pushed beyond equal treatment under the law and now demand equal outcomes and equal…well…everything.

Anything men can do, women can do.
Applauding Bruce/Catlyn Jenner more than young girls majoring in engineering
Besmirching women for daring to want to be wives and moms.
“Gender is a social construct.”
Replacing “he” and “she” with “zhe” and “zhr.”
As well as the complete elimination of gender entirely.

This perilously ignores the teraflops of empirical data (not to mention fact) that men and women are different and that these differences cannot be erased no matter how hard you try. It also ignores the obvious point that these differences exist for some pretty damn good reasons and likely shouldn’t be trifled with. 

Men have penises, women have vaginas.  They are designed that way to breed children.  Women have breasts, produce milk, and are more nurturing.  They are designed that way to take care and nurture children.  Men have testosterone, are bigger, stronger, faster and (by some measures) smarter than women.  They are designed that way to provide for and protect their families.  And forget the obvious physiological differences.  Just look at the history of how men, women, and society have naturally organized themselves over the millennia across different cultures.  I find it very cute and adorable “social scientists” of the past 50 years think they know more than what nature has figured out over the past 2 million.

Still, the academic and political classes of society thought it best to trifle with these realities, blurring the lines of gender, which has ultimately resulted in pansified, emasculated men that no woman wants.  Yes, television says women want sensitive “90’s men.”  Yes, academia says men need to get in touch with their “emotions and inner-selves.”  And yes, even women say they want that bearded hipster with his red skinny jeans who writes poetry, works at the coffee shop, lives at home, and can’t afford a car.

But it’s almost as cute as “social scientists” thinking they know more than nature.

No matter what society, politicians, media, even women themselves say, their genes want a talk, rugged, strong, brilliant, charming, clever, brute of a man who can rock her world in bed and crush the skulls of any interloper who threatens her children.


Anonymous said...

last sentence... "tall" not "talk"

Anonymous said...

Having cake and eating it too… until the sag sets in:

I have a logo on my rare 2-seat German race car which clearly states "I don't need money for gas; you pay with your ass". Astoundingly hot women are more than happy to offer up a piece of ass for the temporary thrill of getting reacquainted with the traditional primal female role. Being a cherished commodity with no heavy responsibilities beyond remaining attractive is orgasmic for them. Female sex tourism is another modern example of women longing for a primal man grasping her hips.

Women's bodies are in fact designed to be homebodies. Even things like their eyesight are tuned to near vision, and their sense of direction is based on location of known objects rather than the internal compass men have.

The modern woman with modern power-girl lives are all stressed out all the time because it’s so contrary to biology. It makes her nauseous to mate with that sissy she’s bullied into a relationship. If he didn't pay the bills she's dump him. With a good lawyer she can have both. A study in Britain showed 20% to 30% of men are not the biological fathers of the children they think are theirs. DNA test are cheap, so the law in America forces the husband to pay for these children anyway. It seems mommies will bend over for men who turn them on, but then return to the husband they can more easily bully into consistently building a safe nest.

Anonymous said...

Although we are ALL frustrated with what has become of the traditional woman and traditional family life. I happen to know a couple of conservative women who totally get what we complain about. They too are repulsed by the modern woman's ways, and have few female friends because of their social courage.

Life must go on, how do we rescue the traditional American way of life from the carnage of the last 50 years? How do we include the handful of cool women who understand the problem too? How do we reconnect with the youthful females of the next generation to give attractive value to the traditional female role again? America as we know it is doomed if we don't move past the complaining stage.

Anonymous said...

Your gender is written in your cells. Males have one X and one Y chromosome; females have two X chromosomes; and a human has billions of cells. Even the most ambitious surgeon can't change that.

[yes I know that a few abnormal individuals have abnormal numbers of chromosomes. yes, I know that erythrocytes have no genes - no nuclei as a matter of fact; so if you want to chop logic go chop it with someone else]

Anonymous said...

I came here to complain about what number 1 complained about. Normally I wouldn't, but since it's going in a book that I'm going to buy, I'm more than happy to help edit it.

Anonymous said...

Please beware, flops (and teraflops) measure speed, not quantity. Let us not be caught in silly attacks.

Anonymous said...

teraflops should be terabytes

Anonymous said...

"flops" are floating point operations or a measure of computing speed, not a measure of storage. You want Gigabytes not Gigaflops. It's one of those tech things.

Anonymous said...

"He's such a rebel and my boyfriend is so boring. I'll bang him for drugs tonight and my boyfriend will pay my rent tomorrow." Classic example of what we're talking about.