Monday, January 18, 2016

Writing College Papers for a Living

From our sponsor at Academic Composition.

 Hey guys! My name is Nenad but most people here in the western hemisphere refer to me as Ned. I just turned 21 years old, my birthday was on January 12th, so happy birthday to me! Anyways with jokes aside, I would like to tell you guys how I found Aaron's blog. It first started I believe in the year 2011 when I got back from my recent trip from my native country in Eastern Europe.

I saw all my "friends" on Facebook partying with cute girls and having fun, in my mind I wanted to be like one of those guys. So, with a quick Google search I found the original MGTOW forum. There I found guys that where similar to me, not good with girls, where not popular when they went to high school and etc.

Anyways as time went on I found Aaron's blog and famous video "Don't Try Until You're 35". I immediately fell in love with his videos and his persona. To be honest I was a lost kid back when it came to life and so on back then, but today I am comfortable to say that I am little less lost then I was before. I will admit I am still not perfect, but damn, I sure learned a lot from Aaron's videos and blogs. He was like the older brother I never had! I just wish I found him earlier!

Anyways as time went on I saw a post for a subcontractor position posted by Aleksey on Aarons blog. The first time I saw it I didn't apply but as time went on and I kept seeing these kind of posts, I said to myself "Why not just apply". Well I applied and it was the best damn choice I made!

I started working for Aleksey back in February of 2015 and I quickly rose up through the ranks. As of today I have been paid on time every Monday close to around 2000 USD. As I look back I find it pretty amazing that I have made that kind of money online by only doing 10 minutes of work a week. To be honest I don't even consider it as work because there are no set hours and I can do it whenever I want! That's the beauty of it!

That amount might not seem like a lot, but trust me it is! Considering I had to work 8 hours a day 5 times a week as a construction laborer and only get paid only 7.5 hours because lunch time didn't count for around 2200 CAD (after taxes, union dues and other things) a month at the local construction company I work for every summer break.

Also, I would like to add that I hope to continue learning from Aleksey and Aaron Clarey so that I may improve my life and because the best version of myself that I possibly can.

Overall, I feel blessed that I found Aleksey and Aaron Clarey and more importantly I consider them as brothers. I wish we could meet one day, I owe you guys lots and lots of beer!

Thank you Aleksey and Aaron Clarey!
Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
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