Saturday, January 23, 2016

Essay Contest: "Do Western Women Deserve Ronald Speirs"

Greetings All,

Since I'm still in catch up mode from finishing Curse of the High IQ, I had an idea that I think might prove interesting.  There is much kerfuffle about Western women voting in socialism and with it, multiculturalism.  This has resulted in the predictable results, but it's not until the mass sexual assaults in Cologne did feminists, leftist females, and labor/democrat-voting women get their first real black eye and see where their political naivety might get them.

Also, chiming in are the right-freedom leaning side women who are damn well aware of the consequences of socialism and multiculturalism.  Their primary concern is that if men do (as I suggest) stop protecting women, letting them suffer for the first time the consequences of their actions, these innocent women will suffer for the idiocy of others.

The only solution to this is to is to go old school. man up, and go Ronald Speirs on the world once again.  For women to start voting pro-Western Civilization, pro-capitalism, pro-free markets, and therefore not only allowing us to simply maintain the simplest of sovereignty of a nation, but unchain Western man and let them do what they do best.

Of course, in my cynical mind, this is academic.  I'm checking out in about 20-30 years and I personally don't believe high enough a percentage of Western countries' populations even deserve what 3,000 years of human sacrifice and suffering gifted to them today.  And it is CERTAINLY my opinion Western women as a majority do not deserve it, and deserve every PENNY of the socialism and hatred for Western Civilization they vote for.

So ladies, you've had the right to vote these past roughly 100 years and you've only managed to stagnate the greatest civilization ever, bring in genuine rape culture, and grow the state by about 300% at the expense of our personal financial freedom.  Oh, and then there's that whole hating men for the past 30 years of feminist bliss.

So humor me and all the real men.  Why precisely should we leave our flippant lifestyles, our bachelor pads, our video games, and gyms, and our fine scotches?  Why should we abandon our motorcycles, our adventures, and our cigars?  Why should we "man up," marry women, bring children into this world, not to mention, arm ourselves, kick the invaders out, with the added nbonus of it being at great physical risk?  Why should Western men defend Western Civilization when such a large percentage of women vehemently fight against it?  Why, in short, do you deserve us to turn into the Ronald Speirs this country so desperately needs?

I will entertain all essays, publish all that are worthy, and the best one (whether you agree with me or not, I'm looking for the best argument) will win $50 of the Captain's hard earned money.

You can e-mail your essays to

Do not send attachments.  Just write your essay as text and e-mail it.

The winner will be announced when I get around to it and I have a qualified winner.


Anonymous said...

So men can write and submit an essay or is this for women only?

Anonymous said...

Cap, if you get more than a dozen or so responses I'd be damned surprised. If any of them make a decent case I may die of shock.

southern belle said...

Well, Cap'n, as usual you present some interesting points. Is this essay contest open for just men?

Anonymous said...

CAPPY is right
I emailed his dissertation about women are always late to a few friends of mine and my ex girlfriend Samantha who was so unbearably late that my six and a half year old daughter parotid me with Samantha time I completely stepped out of the pussy worship matrix I did not have a girlfriend through the Christmas holiday seasons and my bank account shows it I have a little bit different situation than a lot of the men reading these blogs I am 51 years old and I have a 40/5 birthday present a beautiful little girl who's six and a half years old and let me tell you taking this beautiful little blonde blue eyed child out dancing and a nice dinner is a hell of a lot more fun than dealing with most adult women in my age range it can be a little tough the little one usually peters out at a little after 9 p.m. and she's home safe and tucked into bed with a kiss by 10 o'clock at night but it is driving the women in my peer group crazy a self-sufficient man that can do laundry clean house cook and take a young child out to dinner and the young child is impeccably dressed and little abigail is quite charming we've heard for years that women can do anything a man can do which we all know is complete BS but a man can do everything a man is required to do and on top of it he can do everything a woman can do two because most of what women do is complete lazy complete hyperbole BS i buy my daughter a skirt it's a little too big what do I do I get out a needle and thread and the skirt fit perfectly my disgustingly obese fat anxious neighbor who's the teacher of children a teacher this $10 an hour pig wraps duct tape around her daughters dress because it did not fit correctly I can pull out an iron and iron my shirt my trousers and have everything looking impeccable my only problem they have not come out with a reasonably realistic sex Bot and my dick wont suck itself

Captain Capitalism said...

Women only.

Men already know the answer. I want to hear what women want and see if they can sway me one way or another, or just make a compelling point or point out things I haven't considered.

But it's women only.

Anonymous said...

The answer is "They don't".

The reason you do it anyway is because that's what real men do.

You do it because it's better to REALLY BE Ronald Speirs than to spend your life in self-indulgence, wishing you were Ronald Spiers.

You do it because part of you knows that you get to sleep in a nice, safe apartment filled with steak, single malt and expensive toys only because other men chose to risk their lives in places that are not safe, not comfortable, and not at all nice.

It's a matter of self respect.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh Anon 1219,

That was so precious it made me laugh.

"Because that's what real men do."

Oh, you kids you.

Anonymous said...

Prepare for:

1. Denying that women have done any of the things you've listed.
2. Blaming men for the fact that they have done the things you've listed (while still denying that they've done them).
3. Blaming all of society's ills on men.
4. Blaming the mistrust that men have for women today on men.
5. "You should just MAN UP and sacrifice for women".
6. Blaming men for the fact that dangerous places exist anywhere on Earth.
7. Telling men it's their job to eliminate the dangerous places because it's men's fault.
8. Claiming that the modern relationship dynamics are fair to men even when they resemble the stanford prison experiment and she's the jail warden.

Anonymous said...

How long will this contest be open?

Glenn McMann said...

Rekt. I look forward to reading these myself if you would be so kind to forward a few my way.