Monday, January 11, 2016

Why are the Psychologists Psycho?

Couldn't help but post this.  

Doing my research on the psychological drawbacks of high intelligence and the article above is just precious.  Everytime they quote an psychologist or a "professor" in the field, they cannot help but also list all the problems they had in terms of suicide, bi-polar, etc.

I'm sorry, this profession is simply being undermined by its practitioners.


daniel_ream said...

Just the women.

An insanely (hah!) large number of people get into the psychiatric care field precisely because they have issues of their own. Either they want to "help others with the same problem" or they assuage their inability to deal with their own disorders by trying to treat others.

If you need actual help for a psychiatric problem, see a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, and make sure it's a man.

Dr. Coyote said...

From an acquaintance in social work: "The chief difference is, you see, that social workers have a Cause, while psychologists are trying to fix themselves."

Anonymous said...

Psychological Projection. (look it up)

Black Poison Soul said...

I noticed this also, when I delved into MBTI and the Enneagram and Jungian Cognitive Functions. The vast majority of women involved were such a screwball mess of contradictions that it was literally impossible to figure them out.

In a way that was probably my first exposure to the mess that is modern women. It helped make me ready for the Red Pill.