Friday, January 08, 2016

Libertarians Who Vote for Bernie Sanders

Um, dudes, you're NOT LIBERTARIANS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I consider myself a libertarian, and I'll probably vote for Bernie Sanders. I think he'll speed up the decline of the United States. I've given up on the idea of getting a Ron Paul into office, so full speed ahead into the ice berg. Lets loot the ship with socialism before it goes down. That way we'll have the material goods, and knowledge to build a new society out of the icy cold water.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a Libertarian and this rant was spot-on!

"Libertarian Socialism/ist" (like Anarcho-Socialism) is an oxymoron: anyone who calls themselves such is a Socialist (period!).

Kristophr said...

Heh. Actually, the history is a bit confusing.

Actually, anarcho-syndicalists coined the term "libertarian" in the 19th Century.

Today's Libertarians would have been considered "Liberals" back then.

The marxist fucks stole the name liberal, and Rothbard's bunch, after getting kicked out of the YAF by Bill Buckley, stole the name "Libertarian" from the marxists. ( Note: just to be confusing, today's Australian Liberal Party are mostly hardcore Libertarian capitalists. )

But yea, anyone claiming to be a "marxist libertarian" today in the 21st Century is just an idiot trying to be cool.

Anonymous said...

The good news... it's only about 5 votes

cecilhenry said...

Socialism: Can I steal from my neighbour who I envy??

NO?? Uh, ..... Well can I get someone else to steal for me??

Yes??!!! That's okay. We'll call the thug 'government' and pretend its not theft, not a crime, and not unjust. Great!!

I'm fine with that says the socialist!!!

Red Pike said...

Their libertarianism ends where their socialism begins.

Anonymous said...

What happened basically was young people who identify as "libertarian socialist" have kind of lived under those conditions. They may have been given certain freedoms but also with economic restrictions, for instance their dependence on parents financially. If they have student loans or parents paying for college, this is kind of like socialist dependency, and yet they feel free to do many things during this window of opportunity, hence the libertarianism.

Anonymous said...

Arggggh!!! There's no such thing as a libertarian socialist.