Thursday, January 07, 2016

What "#WasteHisTime2016" Tells Us About American Women

It's just mean, cruel, and disgusting, but it DOES shed an incredible amount of light on young American women today and just what a mine-field boys get to walk through.  It is VITAL if you have any young men in your family or circle of friends to show this to them.


sth_txs said...

Why the Ph.D. Glut Is Not Going Away, and Why Austrian School Grad Students in Economics Should Go into Business Instead

Anonymous said...

Sorry Captain,

AWALT. The women think it is funny to emotionally abuse men. Women are the best advertisement for MGTOW.

Anonymous said...

The only way these sociopaths will learn is to give them a dose of their own medicine. There are a few sites out there where guys can warn each other about these creatures, for one. Then,if some c*** tries to pull crap on you,give her a nuclear rejection. After being on the receiving end of a few of those,maybe these eternal fifth graders will get the message.

CF said...

Like the Captain said...nothing new and surprising. In a world where female hypergamy is open for all to see this is what to expect. All the more reason why the work of people like Aaron in teaching men young an old the ways of not just women but the world is vital and important. Men of today need to be straight arrows through the fog of war and not wavier in their endeavours.

Survivorman said...

For the younger guys here;

The "3 Date Rule" solves this problem, or will *minimize* the wasted time.

If you don't get what you want from her (whatever that is) by the 3rd date..

EJECT! No exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could change it to #StupidJuvenileBitches?? Or maybe #InciteToRape??

These bitches are the reason I had to go all the way on a first date (and be a submissive doormat) if I didn't want to be labelled a gold-digging dicktease.

At the same time, they got all the attention, and I was just something guys looked at to pick them up off the floor when another #StupidJuvenileBitch shattered their ego and broke their heart.

They deserve to have hands around their throats and a dick up their asses.

And the guys who chase 'em deserve their shit.

Fuck 'em.

Or better yet, DON'T!!

Anonymous said...

If women are openly egaging in misandry, I guess misogyny is ok now.

Women, reap as you sow.

PS. I never did any of those things that you accuse men of doing. But now I will. You win.

Anonymous said...

I often do favors for single women... but I charge them dearly. If their payment is sexual I give them no more value than the cost of the same service on the street.

All that has occurred in the past 100 years and especially in the past 30 years... is access to pussy and companionship has become tremendously more expensive for men. Well men, there is no such thing as an independent woman. They are pretty much helpless with most anything electromagnetically, technical, or even low tech like plumbing. Gentlemen, stop whimpering about it and raise your prices.

Oh I know about all the free horny women on Tinder, but the problem is ya can't get em VD checked and ya ain't got enough time to determine their crazy factor before banging them... Tinder is a good way to screw up your life. No, I'm talking about raising the price for the regular go to girls the guys are always busting their ass to help, but who think access is worth all the tea in China.

Anonymous said...

Of course as these women age the roles reverse and they have to endure similar treatment as men of value go for younger women, yet they don't consider the future when nature bestows this come-back upon them, which only gets worse as they continue to age.

Remember that the term "pump & dump" is specifically applied to these women in their respective futures.