Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Western Women Don't Deserve the Protection of Western Men


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that they are clinically, certifiably insane.

You have to wonder what the hell Milo Moire was thinking when she stands stark naked in the middle of the square where the Cologne assaults and rapes took place with a sign saying "respect us ...".

Scroll down for a picture of the insane bitch:


Seriously WTF??????

Anonymous said...

Bingo! All I can add is that most lack logic, but some of 'the commodity' have such complete hatred for America they know full well they are voting to damage us.

SM777 said...

It's practical. Neither dark nor macabre.

Faithless Cynic said...

Fucking Brilliant - I used to help women who were having car trouble or had questions in home improvement stores. After dealing with these insulting, entitled twats I am done. Family, friends, and co workers only. All the rest can FOAD. The tipping point came when an obese troll asked me a plumbing question in Home Depot. I did not fully understand her question and asked for more info. The troll flipped out and began screaming at me. I said " good luck with your plumbing" and walked away. I was genuinely trying to help this fat bitch and do not even work there.

GAME FUCKING OVER - Unless I know you and you show me respect, I will consider you " the enemy"

My inner white knight is dead and my give a fuck is broken.

'Reality' Doug said...


Anonymous said...

German here, just want to report a small incident that happened to me some weeks ago (before the Cologne events)

I was waiting at the subway platform, when nearby a woman of age around 50 years was struggling with her luggage and a big shopping bag. I didn't see any reason to give her a hand, I just waited, checked my smartphone. After a minute, she looked me directly into the eye, and hissed at me in an entitled tone: "Well, thank you very much for your generous help!"

I immediately replied: "Sorry, there is no reason for me to help a woman with anything. If you want help, I would suggest to ask Alice Schwarzer. Perhaps she will help you" (Alice Schwarzer is one of Germany's most prominent and obnoxious feminists, everybody in the country knows her name)

She looked at me with a glance that could kill, but said nothing more, and strolled away. It was clear she completely understood what I wanted to tell her.

Anonymous said...

took place with a sign saying

- does not matter what she said, she just wanted attention.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captian,

I am an expat in Germany, thought You would like to hear the follow up by the leftist mayor of Colgne. She fired the chief of police and told the girls to dress more modestly. Problem solved.

Europeans are slowly waking up to the fact that the state cannot, or for poltical expediencey won't, protect them. All stores in Germany sold out mace within days and Brussles is squaking about tightening even the few remaining firearms out of their citizens hands. It reveals who the state fears more.

Red Knight said...

Capn, do you make any kind of script, notes or even decide on an overall structure of these videos before filming them. You usually have a point, but you usually end up making it in a rather rambling way. With a bit of organization, you could probably make the entire point in a much more coherent way in, I'd estimate, a third of the time.

Anonymous said...

Chivalry is dead, women killed it.

Women you are on your own.

CA3 said...

Honestly, Cap, it's absolutely insane that the governments in Europe are allowing this to happen to their citizenry. However, I suspect that the governments on various levels knew this was going to happen, because Europe has had well established Muslim communities already for 20+ years that have failed to assimilate. I have no doubt law enforcement was pressured to juke their crime stats to enable a passage of laws that would enable a constant flow of immigrants to be used as cheap labor and dependent class voters. I imagine this will come to light eventually and politicians will be removed for corruption.

Jason in KT said...

@Red Knight -- 12:04 "anyway, let me consult my notes here..."

Yes, he does.

Anonymous said...

Read this. It's literally groping their ass as they speak and they still want to debate it and make it the fault of the mainstream men they've hated on for decades:


Anonymous said...


Yet another example.