Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Real Reason I Don't Believe in Global Warming

It's predictors can't predict shit.


Anonymous said...

That is all that matters. Physics is believed because its predictions work. We can determine the orbit of a satellite very accurately. By the same sort of calculations we can calculate the impact point of an ICBM, very accurately. It's not airy-fairy.

Again, suppose that we had 10 witchdoctors, and one of them told us the weather with great accuracy and reliability.. The others might tell us complete nonsense. Nonetheless, we would, and should, listen to the successful witchdoctor. His explanation of how his predictions are arrived at might seem to be complete garbage, but if they are correct, he's the one we follow.

Similarly, if 10 men in white coats with impressive credentials and lots of computers give us forecasts that are usually wrong (or no better than chance) we would be idiots to believe them, and sensible people wouldn't. They might give us plausible explanations; they might dangle their impressive credentials in our faces; but if they are predictive skill is negligible then we had better hire the accurate witchdoctor, and pay him the large amount of money he is worth.

HawkMan said...

You & Leykis are pretty much in 100% agreement when it comes to marriage, relationships, kids, etc., but on political topics, I'd guess you only agree about 50% of the time. I could go over quite a few areas where there are major differences but it's probably a waste of time right now.

sth_txs said...

I always like to ask that if GW is real, how does science explain the Medevil warm period when there substantially less people and use of any fossil fuels.

Anonymous said...

Religion came up in one of the other posts. An anthropologist can tell us that every single culture of people throughout the history of the world, no matter how simple or complex, has some form of religion. It is an offshoot of the way our brains function... and group think. In Amerika, tradition religions are on the decline. Global Warming madness, and cult-like followers of some public figures, are actually forms of religion. Secularism is actually not entirely possible. This hardwired fact is most annoying to the most intelligent humans who can reason through and have no need for ridiculous religious beliefs.