Monday, January 11, 2016

Study...Er Reality Finds Women Can't "Have It All"

Gen X women find out they can't have it all and that they were lied to by leftists and feminists.

Yaaaawn.  Crocodile tears.


Anonymous said...

The comments after the article are quite telling. MANY of the comments coming from females seem to blame men for their plight. So typical of modern women.

Fuck 'em all. Their misery is largely self chosen. Nobody gives a shit about aging women. NOBODY!!!

Poor Western women with their first world problems. Sometimes I can't wait for the lights to go out and the shooting to start. Many people in the West have virtually no perspective about how the rest of the world works. Women in poor countries are shitting in gutters, but at least they have husbands. HAHAHAHAHA!

MC said...


Now, can we convince ourselves that w e're not failures as women and/or human beings if we're realistic enough to realize that we can't "have it all"??

We have the freedom to make decisions. We have to be clear about the decisions that we want, and then be intentional in our behavior.

Can the choices we make be OK??

Can we be "complete women" if we decide that we want to be "WGTOW" and have an "awesome career" and random sex (or a celibate lifestyle) instead of a marriage and a family?? OK, I personally have a hard time wrapping my head around enjoying such a life, but-- that's me. I can wrap my head around the idea that people who are different from me might want different things than what I want.

Can we be "complete human beings" and/or "contributing members of society" if we choose to get married and invest our talents in raising kids instead?? Or are we bloodsucking breeders until we ALSO bring in a check that equals our husbands'??

I'm all for putting the torch to the schizophrenic idea that ANYONE can have "it all." Can we please also immolate this cultural injunction that says we SHOULD??

Anonymous said...

Our most intelligent women have not reproduced for the last 30 years because of this lie. Spend a sociologist minute people-watching in walmart for the result.

When asked 'why not children after 25 years of banging any man they want?'... the answer is "I" "Me" "My Career" are all more important that a child and family will ever be. Even when these old Bettys manage to get pregnant they immediately make plans for outsourcing the child so they can return to the pure narcissistic village they live in.

BTW: Marketing/dating 101... The eyes are the window to the soul... Women with large face-shielding glasses are an immediate no. Must have clear face-shot and a complete unobstructed body shot in the dating profile, if not, suspect deception. Frizzled stiff over-worked hair means the aging process is well underway, and there's a $200 a month bill at a salon.

Anonymous said...

Having it all. When making a social statement is more important than running a company well: Yahoo

Anonymous said...

The same pattern still persists with them. ...complaining about how they can't find good men and never once thinking about their own complicity in how they can't find their ridiculous demands for one. Six feet tall or more ( less than 15% of American men ), six figure income ( less than five percent), model looks when they themselves are average at best. It's no different in the churches, with the pastors castigating men endlessly about how they are failing the poor wimmens while never once admonishing women for their own outrageous demands of men - when the women often not only can't match those standards, but also bring nothing to the table.

No wonder men are leaving both women and the church.

Guys, a good test. See if a woman is a giver or a taker, and see how she gives. If she does so happily, she may be worth a second look. Otherwise, move on. Remember, only one or two percent of women are even marriage material, and that may be a bit optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Women even coach each other that they can have it all... OK HB and its the man's fault for not "measuring up" (presumably to the inflated faux degrees in Worthless).

Here take a look at this doozie:

The last paragraph is quite typical of western women.