Friday, January 22, 2016

All of Consulting and "Business Management" is Bullshit

It's just common sense.  That's all it is.

Common freaking sense.


Tucanae Services said...

I have the same argument about PMI planners. The pitch is any PMI trained person can be plopped in the middle of a project and manage it.

PMI dude: How long to install this router?
IT dude: 6 weeks.
PMI dude: can I quote you?
IT dude: Sure.
[PMI dude walks off skipping down the corridor.]
Other IT dude: He bought that? We do this in a day.

The prosecution rests.

Anonymous said...

Having been in consulting since 1997, I could not agree more. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of wasted spending on management consulting. Why have managers if you need consultants to tell them what to do? I suggest that the fees spent on consultants be offset by cuts in the salaries and bonuses of the companies' executives. Miraculously, there would suddenly be no more need for consultants.

Anonymous said...

LEAN as derived from the Toyota Management System does work if done properly - but probably 95% of attempts fail - 50% miserably. It's also difficult to stay with with LEAN philosophy for the long term. LEAN in itself, like the TPS, is not inherently bad, it's just difficult to do well.

However, LEAN and any other management become "management fads" and are "sold" by promiscuous consultants - often to the detriment of their clients and the client's stakeholders. Often they're sold as cost-reduction methods - reducing costs by reforming and optimizing procedures and processes is hard work. Cutting costs by jettisoning people through layoffs is easy, so that's what usually happens. Been there, done that.

Because companies jump from one fad to another, all that happens is weakening the client company and enriching the consultants. Better off implementing one, sticking to it and doing ti right.

As far as I'm concerned, McKinsey ought to be bombed and the rubble classified as a toxic waste dump.

"CONsultants" - when you can't help solve the problem, there's good money to be made by prolonging it.

Red Knight said...

A certain Internet columnist whom I regard higher than most once wrote something to the effect of: It's easy to get away with cooking up and selling an over-hyped management screed, because very few people will ever be in positions to actually put it to use and realize what BS it is.

Anonymous said...

Just found this post by googling, "consulting is bullshit"...

Anonymous said...

This information just makes you want to read more, do more and be more. There is talk and there is walk, I'll walk. :)