Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's 12 O'Clock High for the Traditional Conservative Establishment

The Traditional Conservative Establishment's Obsolescence

The above picture needs a bit of explaining, but when done this post will make a lot of sense and hopefully, unlike the past 20 years, lead to or at least initiate a movement to the political right.

Not amongst Americans.  I'm nowhere near that optimistic.  But "conservatives" and "republicans" in this country. 

The screen shot is from the movie "12 O 'Clock High" from 1949 starring Gregory Peck.  It's about the US Air Corps in WWII where General Savage (played by Peck) has to take over a squadron of bombers that just isn't cutting it and getting the job done.

In this particular scene you see General Savage and Lt. Colonel Davenport or "Keith" as Savage and Davenport are friends.  You see no animosity between them.  They are obviously on the same side.  And they are both sincere, intent men who want to get the job done.  The problem is the job isn't getting done, so the higher ups replace Davenport with Savage.

The movie goes on where Savage changes the bomber squadron's tactics, coddles no one (punishing the worst by throwing them in with "Leper Colony"), lowers the bombing ceiling, and pushes the men 24-7 demanding "maximum effort" from all of them until exhaustion.  Many of the men crack from the stress, all of them file for transfer orders, but in the end, guess what?

The job gets done.

Savage turns the squadron around, bombing raids are more successful, and morale increases, until he himself succumbs to exhaustion and "maximum effort" by the end of the movie.

The same must be done within the traditional conservative movement in America.

For the past 30 years, perhaps time-stamped with the start of Rush Limbaugh's talk radio career, my entire adult life we have had the same conservative establishment, the same conservative leaders using the same milquetoast conservative tactics that have ultimately failed.

Government spending as a percent of GDP  EVEN UNDER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS has grown during this time to levels on par with Europe.
Our national debt is the highest it's ever been during peacetime, and will soon surpass our WWII peak. 
National health care has been implemented.
American women, for the most part, prefer a government check over real men.
We don't have the spine to protect the sovereignty of our nation.
A veritable socialist who loathed the country has been elected twice as president.
And now an admitted socialist stands a good chance of getting elected.

In nearly every aspect and facet of American life the conservative establishment's tactics have miserably failed.

However, like Col. Davenport, this doesn't mean those who populate the traditional establishment are wrong, corrupt, or weren't trying.  Rush Limbaugh is 100% right and tried his damnedest.  George Will and Charles Krauthammer do pen thoughtful and correct pieces.  Fox News does what it can to counter...basically...the ENTIRE media.  And our politicians, I'm sure in the demented, warped little minds, are trying to do "what they can under the rules of Washington" to save the greatness that 4,000 years of Western Civilization took to build.  In other words, bar genuine cuckservatives, these are good people on our side, who like Col. Davenport did their best.

The job still isn't getting done.

Enter General Savage

With the National Review's hit piece on Donald Trump, it because apparent to me not only how ineffective this group has been for the past three decades, but how out of touch they are from the political reality on the ground.  They, eerily similar to their leftist academian counterparts, pine and pontificate haughtily thinking penning one more piece in the WSJ or one more interview on Fox News will somehow convince millennials not to vote in more of their own financial slavery, or get women to realize there isn't a war on them by white male republicans.  But the problem is, quite simply, their time is over.  And I don't mean that in a leadership way.  I mean that in a literal way.

These guys are old.  Their lives are over.  Ann Coulter like Jennifer Aniston WAS hot.  And the battle is no longer about what kind of America THEY are going to live in (they've already lived in it - a failing one).  The battle is now ours and what we want America to become.  And thus it is time to relieve the traditional conservative establishment.

But who is General Savage?  Who will precisely replace the Sean Hannities and his harem of women with pretty legs?  And will his tactics work?

Enter in the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right is by no means defined, organized, or even embodied within one person, let alone a cabal of people.  It is the natural, organic growth of conservative and libertarian minded people, predominantly younger ones, who are fed up with the abysmal performance of the poor stewards of the conservative movement these past 30 years.  However, whereas most of them had to watch helplessly from the sidelines as kids or young adults via television, talk radio, or the newspapers (National Review being one of them), the internet has allowed them to not only vent their frustrations, but take matters into their own hands and become a force unto itself that rivals the traditional establishment.

I doubt George Will has more readers under 30 than even the most average of Alt-Right blogs.
Glenn Beck's media empire is losing listeners, while scores of much more manly and specialized podcasters are experiencing 100%+ annual growth in their listenership.
I don't know anybody 40 or under who still listens to Hannity, but I know scores of men who listen to Adam Carolla.
And don't even get me started about the precious naivety of thrice-married Dennis Prager advocating young men get married in today's America and what kind of response that evokes from young men who know better.

Regardless, the point is the Alt-Right is more in tune and in touch with the real American people than the cute little Ivy-League-Academian-Crony Club of Hannity-Prager-Medved-Coulter-Krauthammer-Will in DC.  Furthermore, they are much more blunt and direct as the urgency by which their future American lives are threatened forces them to be so.  They don't cower at being called a racist.  They don't preface every statement like "not all women are like this, but," and they simply blast through whatever leftists defenses and attacks come their way because, well, frankly, they never had any hope for anything to live for anyway, and thusly have nothing to lose.

But the real reason the Alt-Right needs to relieve the traditional right is much simpler (and more pathetic) than all the reasons listed above.

We simply have different ideas.

You have to understand just how bad the situation is with the current conservative leadership and establishment.  The only group of people who tried MORE than the conservative establishment to make FAILED POLICIES work is the black community.  It's just instead of 60 years of pursuing socialist policies for blacks, the conservative movement has been pursuing this spineless pussy-footing strategy of appeasement and reason for the past 30.  And unless we want to see if cowardice and being "democrat light" will work on the 31st year, like the black community ANY ideas are by default better because there's at least a CHANCE they may work.  Even if they don't, they would at least serve the benefit of experimentation to the point we develop strategies that do.

New Tactics

So what are these new tactics?

Well, I'd love to tell you, but it is here in all honesty I must admit I cannot divulge all my thoughts on the many and infinitely more effective tactics I believe will work in winning over the American people.  The reason is simple - I charge for advice.  And like the Joker says, "If you're good at something, never do it for free."  Additionally, after making several approaches to the republican party, not to mention delivering two speeches to them, their ineptitude and utter lack of action thoroughly convinced me it would be infinitely easier to simply start a new party and obsolete them...or perhaps consult the democrat party instead.  Two ideas I actually am kicking around.

Regardless, while I won't throw pearls before swine, I will tell the swine where they're wrong which would provide some insight as to what new tactics the Alt-Right would pursue...but reserving some of my more devastating and effective gems for the highest bidder.

One, grow a pair.

It is APPALLING how the the left with a cowardly tactic of name calling people they disagree with "racist" or "sexists" sends the conservative establishment running.  It immediately forces them to abandon their position, change topics, and race to prove they are "not a racist."

I've found treating minorities and women as GENUINE equals, ESPECIALLY holding them to the same standards of criticism and critique, calling them on their BS may not make smiles, but earns more respect and trust in the long run than some ass-kissing "me-too-ism" republican vowing to do "more for minorities."

Two, eliminate the cronyism.

The cabal that currently exists within the conservative leadership is just as corrupt and nepotistic and cronyistic as the Clinton's.  From the fact the son AND brother of TWO presidents is considering running for president all the way to the fact nobody at Fox News seems to come from outside the New York-DC Ivy League cesspool costs the conservative movement face and reputation.

Additionally, it's laughable you advocate meritocracy when no effort is made to develop a system that would ID, hunt down, and identify the best candidates that would advance freedom, liberty, conservatism, and American ideas.  It shows you place more value on using an ideology as your career than the noble purposes it portends.

Three, no crying.

For all that is sacred and holy, there will be no crying.  None.  There will from hence forth only be real men in your party, and especially your political and media leaders.  There will be no effeminate, pansy-assed Glenn Beck's.  There will be no castrated, cry-baby John Boehner's.  There will be real men in this party which will do more to win over women as being a real man gets you more women than kissing their asses.  You are only allowed to cry upon the death of a loved one and the loss of your dog, and you are NEVER to do it on national television or radio.

Four, win over minorities.

It's possible.  WAAAAY more possible than your realize.  I'd like to tell you how, but that would lead to the republicans ruling over America for 100 years, not to mention the incredible economic growth that would come with that.  Yes, for that gem, you will pay.

Five, win over women.

Again, like minorities, but with a lot more votes.  Again, you will pay.

And finally, turn secular.

Religion has no place in politics.  Too many millions of people were killed, tortured, and slain ensuring theocracy was relegated to the Mid East crap holes of this world.  Certainly, go and practice whatever religion you want, but the republican party absolutely must jettison the religious right that infects it.

There is more.  Infinitely more.  And the future of America could be salvaged in one election cycle.  But given the entrenchment of the conservative establishment, their cluelessness about the real world, their debilitating cronyism, and sadly, their increasing irrelevance, I doubt they are even capable of making any effective changes, let alone in time for them to witness said changes before they die.

Sorry Keith, you're relieved.
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Anonymous said...

With respect Cappy, those who believe in Jesus aren't going anywhere. And if you're republican/libertarian, then they are political allies to you. Even if you don't want to go to bed with them, for the reasons you already know of.

Pax Empyrean said...

Okay, so you jettison the religious right, which forms its own political party. There are now three factions: the Godless Left, the Religious Right, and the Godless Right. Listed in order of size, by the way.

So the Godless Right never wins an election again anywhere, the Religious Right never wins a national election again, and the Godless Left inherits the Earth. We already HAVE a party whose public image is "Republicans minus God," it's called the Libertarian Party, and look how often they win. Something like zero percent of the time, plus or minus a couple percent.

Shooting yourself in the foot so you can take a shit on religion is not a smart strategy.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe if we try fighting from the fetal position just one more time it will work.....

The Question said...

I'm currently working on a post about this, but I see a Spanish-style civil war on the near horizon. The key ingredients are there. The Alt. Right, along with others like neoreactionaries, will form the ideological core of the right-wing faction in the conflict. All others to the right of the faction's leader will fall in line.

Not the most pleasant prediction to make, but there it is.

Anonymous said...

There is no crying in alt-right. Guess we should start a league of our own.

Unknown said...

Well said, especially the part about going secular. In my teens and 20's I mostly voted democrat because I figured "they're both big spenders, but I'm not a theocrat". It seems they already lost that battle and it's now doing them more harm than good.

I'm curious to hear how you plan on voting over minorities and bleeding-heart women though. Identity/victim politics and free shit seem to be very effective.

Unknown said...

To the other two commenters: it's the other way around. The right can still nod to respecting religion, and those voters won't go anywhere, but the new generation raised under the era of free information are not religious. It's a losing position in the long run to make religious issues campaign issues. To the left, it looks just as ridiculous and magical as their worship of the state...perhaps even more so as at least the state can be shown to exist. Jet-pack that as a voting issue (you can still BE as religious as you want, just keep it out of government) and all of a sudden you're the party of objective reality rather than feelz.

I'm fine having everyone jump ship for the Libertarian party though. Who knows; if it's Trump vs Sanders, Johnson might have a shot.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this thoughtful article! Nice comparison, movie's now on my list.

I agree with the article. Thankfully, some traditional conservatives do start going with the times, e.g. Ann Coulter. But Beck... man, he has lost me with his whining.

And then he claims he will meet God. Just because he is such a humble person.

Anonymous said...

He didn’t take a shit on religion, he said it shouldn’t be the epicenter of conservatism –and traditionally it wasn’t. The religious right is a relatively new-fangled part of the conservative coalition. There was no such thing in 1970, and they have never been real “conservatives”. They are right wing progressives who want to use the power of government to control other peoples lives, mainly by criminalizing abortion. Time for them to go away.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is the Art Bell of politics.

However ... we need to replace the old dinos gradually ... if you have a war ... we all lose ... the war seems to on at the Democrat side so lets see what happens there ...

I am not sure quite what you envision Captain, but We cannot have two democrat parties running for office.

I still like Coulter ... she makes sense ... Can't stand Hannity ... he is didactic boring and very predictable. O'Reilly and the rest of FOX lost my viewership over a year ago when I cut the cable entirely. On line is all I do now ... not fucking TV rip off anymore.

grey enlightenment said...

The fact millions of millennials are waking up to the fact they have been lied to and duped by the both the left & right establishment bodes well for the 'alt right'. Gotta love the complainers in the comments. They should write their own articles on their own blogs if they know it all.

leeholsen said...

Bravo ! The capt. is ahead of the curve yet again.

I was one of the GOP's lackeys up until about 2014, young republican member, regular volunteer, etc. in 2012, i lost hope in the republicans as people that would stay home over a mormon after obama just gave the country single payer and lost all credibility in the party following 2014. they could have done anything and everything to restore the party but instead followed obama like willing accomplises and i was played for a sucker for the last time. left, right, middle; i'm on my own now; the gop can die in the ditch; it's time for something else and to stop playing the people for fools; that's the democrats deal.

7916 said...


Secularism will provide you no solace, because without a purpose larger than a single life there can be no future vision.

You know this yourself, which is why you published "Enjoy the Decline".

The creator class can envision a moral code and system without God, but most of those at 1 to -2 standard deviations in intelligence cannot, and need something greater than themselves to help establish a moral code.

It's like learning to read; it is not necessary to invent letters and words to learn, nor is it required to do all original thinking for yourself. That's what books are for; they are the collected thinking of thousands of man years worth of effort that takes very little time to learn and integrate into rational thought.

That's what religion is for.

You are going to lose with the establishment, because you are playing into their frame, and their game, which is non-religious in the first place.

This is the reason why Islam is penetrating the West, and winning with women, because it forms a moral code that women can lay down for. It established a clear hierarchy, dominance, and roles, all preset, which appeals to a woman's sexual hardwiring.

Your contempt for Christians in America is well earned, as they've been pussified. I compare that to a crusader, a hardcore psychopath by modern standards but a highly moral defender of Christianity in his time. The crusader had faith, and he would put the infidel to the sword in service to that faith. It's not nice, by our standards, but those standards are so degenerate as to be less than nothing.

The alt-right should dispense with the cuckservatives of the establishment parties. Ignore them and turn to educating the future crusaders.

Shamrock said...

I like your 12 o'clock high allegory. I am biased because it's my favourite movie of all time, the only one I own in DVD. At my alma mater Royal Military College of Canada, we studied this movie as an example of situational leadership. When the task is difficult/complex and the team skills (group maturity)are low, then close supervision is required, every procedure is reviewed for efficacy, checked and rechecked and the workers (flight crews) drilled and drilled without concern for personal sensibilities or career apirations. When the group gains task maturity then one can ease off as trust and respect grows them into an effective unit, where leadership is shown at all levels, where the "last thing a man wants is to be left on the ground." Davenport failed not because he wasn't a good leader, but he put his guys' welfare ahead of missions, and ironically that's what got people killed. The GOP faces a difficult & complex task, replacing an entrenched and implacable Dem establishment that has media allies to promote false narratives and victory. The GOP establishment is task immature, thinking if they act gracefully and ensure ideological purity they can stop, not only the waves of Dem voters, but their fellow travelers among the independents and Republicans who have had enough of the overpromising and underperforming establishment politicians. Think of the mission, not whether this or that beltway insider is going to get hurt in some way. Their loyalty, once the nomination is done, has got to be this party, this party, this party, to paraphrase General Savage. Once he wins, yes Donald Trump can be the Frank Savage of this election as he disregards the chatter where everyone feels they outa have a rest, to promote maximum effort. Rush Limbaugh or others like Glen Beck, who incomprehensibly calls Trump a progressive, may lose influence, but the mission will get done and nobody stays home, where the last thing anyone wants is a Clinton presidency; so the vote gets out and thus the American public wins by virtue of that successful effort, as they did resulting from the heroic and gallant efforts of the WW2 daylight bomber crews.

ambrs said...

Yes, there are excesses on the religious right. But banishing the cultural heritage of Christianity from politics is part and parcel of destroying the heritage of Western Civilization and its tradition of human rights, democracy, and liberty. Those values arose and thrived precisely due to the values of Reformation Christianity and a history lesson is in order as a reminder. Why did the two revolutions marked by the year 1789 finish so dramatically different? The backdrop of the bloodbath and subsequent rise of Napoleon was a thoroughly secular French "Enlightenment". The backdrop of the American Revolution and the rise of Constitutional government was the Great Awakenings of the 18th century; a cultural milieu saturated with the values of Evangelical Protestantism. This is simply historical fact. Note, I am not arguing that America was founded as a Christian nation. Not at all. However, the political philosophy of the new republic was nurtured in an environment where the assumptions of a theistic worldview permeated the culture from bottom to top. There was a moral consensus, taken for granted and rooted in the tradition of the Bible. Certainly, informed by the heritage of Greece and Rome, but deeply embedded in the Protestant thinking of Edwards, Locke, Wesley and many others.

Beyond that, it was in their churches that the colonist learned they could govern themselves and did not need a monarch. Two centuries of Congregationalism taught them about democracy. Two centuries of Presbyterianism taught them about representative government. The Americans of the revolution had been schooled for generations in the art of self-government by their religious experience, and they readily transferred it to their political lives. They also saw the evils of state sponsored religion and made sure to eliminate it from the new government. But they stated loudly and repeatedly that the nation could not survive without the moral consensus afforded by their Christian heritage.

It is a shame that millennials have been so ill served by the leftist cabal that controls public and higher education in the United States. You have been deliberately lied to about the cultural heritage that gave rise to liberty and prosperity in America. Your ignorance isn't necessarily your own fault, but remaining so is inexcusable. There are plenty of first rate works of scholarship that will easily establish the points I am making. You might start with the excellent book, "England Before and After Wesley" by John Wesley Bready, or the shorter version "Whence this Freedom."

While many young conservatives may not like the confines of certain aspects of Christian morality, they should at least do themselves the favor of learning the facts before dismissing the role of religion in our freedom. A consistently conservative political force will not be sustainable without the core presuppositions that make liberty possible. This includes economic freedom, unalienable human rights - including the right to private
property, and the individualism that makes small government imperative. At the end of the day, the slide into leftist tyranny and collectivism is the natural end product of banishing the the values of the 18th century Great Awakening from politics. The Founders were consistent in their declarations that liberty without a spiritual center is ultimately destined to fail. We should listen to them.

Brett_McS said...

Anyone who thinks Trump will represent the Alt-Right once in office (or anything else for that matter, except for Trump) is delusional.

paulie said...

There is a Canadian pastor at hard labour in North Korea who said "I wasn't doing anything political". Where he fucked up is in failing to notice that the North Koreans don't bother to distinguish between religion and politics. You likely noticed a similar phenomenon in Islam.You are an empiricist, no? I expect you have also noticed that belief in AGW and marxism, having been empirically disproven every time out, has to be faith based. Your American tradition of separation of church and state is intended to protect minority faiths from government persecution, because that is where all the death comes from. It is not, and can not be, intended to exclude religious people from politics. I don't care if people come to believe in small government, and personal liberty and responsibility, by the scientific method like you and me, or because God told them to do it. What matters is we share these principles so I want the God fearing people inside the tent and pissing out.

Anonymous said...

As a retired consultant, I fully appreciate your demand to be paid for advice. Hope you get some money. However, your comments reminded me of when I used to get a letter from John Boehner's campaign, asking for money. I would write the following on the letter: "Dry your eyes, get a spine implant, and grow a pair." I would then put it in their postpaid envelope and send it back to them. Since I'm retired, I no longer demand money for advice. However, I'll still keep giving that advice to any wimpy Republican I hear from.

Jay Currie said...

True as far as it goes. But alt-Right needs to be more than party political. The biggest wins for alt-Right supporters have been cultural. Gamergate, the Hugos, and urging along the implosion of radical identity hysterics have all been helpful. Articulating the "men on strike" concept is solid especially if you add to it the real "wife and mother" option as a real female demand.

Simply ignoring the "you are a____" invective on the other side is helpful. So is a lot of mockery - finger snapping and jazz hands are good starter targets.

But think big. Go cultural and, in not so very long, alt-Right positions will compete and win politically.

truepeers said...

How do you empty a political sphere of religion? You do realize, i hope, that that is, by any historical or anthropological measure, an unlikely thing to happen. You do realize, for example, that the contemporary Western left is itself very religious though of course it does not admit to it. But there is a tradition in our reactionary intellectual life that has revealed the left's inherent Gnosticism as a form of warfare against Judeo-Christian revelation.

One empties a political sphere of religion by having a rough consensus on matters religious, an understanding of the need to protect religious freedoms because to do otherwise would return you to an earlier age of religious wars. In other words you have a consensus that you are not so far apart that you have to war for political control to protect your religion. You recognize that there can be a common civic religion informed by some common cultural background which must, given the nature of culture, have a religious underpinning, but that it is not worthwhile trying to spell that out because to do so would encourage conflict. But in the American context, that not spelling out only worked when you were overwhelmingly Christian. Good luck keeping religion out of politics when you have a lot of hardcore anti-Christians or Muslims about.

If you want to know more about why religion is fundamental to the human, a part of every known society and politics, i am available for paid consultation.

truepeers said...

P.s. I hope you don't think you can develop a successful political movement dominated by childless men. That's never going to happen, so you're going to have to bite the bullet of the marriage dilemma, which is indeed very real, somehow.

Unknown said...

Take a look at Canada, Stephen Harper won for nearly a decade, booting religious zealots, and winning a big chunk of the minority and women voters. Yes we now have a Liberal idiot running the country, but he only won 5 percent more than the Conservatives, they are still in great shape as an opposition party. American conservatives need to do something.

Anonymous said...


Do not be fooled by comparing today's debt level with WW2's debt level.

Back then there were savings, a strong industrial sector, a growing economy, the main competitors to the USA were being destroyed...AND the taxes on corporations and the wealthy was very high. There wad a lot of wealth transfer towards the workers, creating a strong middle class that kept demand rising and the economy growing.

The debt was serviceable. The government could count on future growth to service and pay back the debt.

Today people are broke, there are no savings, we have industrial competitors world wide, jobs are outsourced, there is no growth.

In comparison to WW2, the debt is monstrously high because unlike back in those days we simply can't afford it.

Faithless Cynic said...

Captain, this is an amazing post. However, it disregards an important law, Tom's law of political inertia states that people rarely change thier political views because 1) They would have to admit being wrong 2) Coming up with different political views requires thinking

So ...........

Democrats and Republicans will still march lemming like over a cliff shouting " My party, right or wrong but still my party"

The USA is fucked. Enjoy the decline

TroperA said...

The Reagan Republicans were never religious; they were simply snake oil salesmen who roped gullible believers in with their Prosperity Gospel "God will make you rich" bullshit. Christianity today - like most other institutions - is in a shambles. Feminized, hippy-dippy claptrap that cares more about what the world thinks about it than it does about following the ancient wisdom that guided men through the most savage periods of our history. Christianity was once a muscular, masculine religion that held no illusions about the true nature of women (only venerating the Virgin Mary,) and throughout much of the history of Christendom, it rallied many European nations together to deal with existential threats.

What do secular nations do? They open their legs to let in brutally masculine immigrants with highly patriarchal religions. Or they become feminized, promote Socialism up the Wazoo, enter Holiness Spirals and then kill off large segments of their populations via Reigns of Terror, Jacobin Show Trials and World Wars.

The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, The Killing Fields of Cambodia, Jim Jones' People's Temple.... All of them were huge "FUCK YOU, DADs!" to God and Western Civilization. And you can see how they all ended.

There will NEVER be a secular Alt-Right utopia. Godless people don't have kids at replacement level. Secular couples average only 1.67 kids each. (And how many kids do you have, Capn'? That's right. NONE.) The future belongs to those who show up for it. And the only people who care enough about the future to sacrifice large portions of their finite time here on Earth, forgoing its hedonistic pleasures to attend to the rigorous task of birthing and educating children, are (by and large) the Religious.

Lastly, secularism is a direct result of Prosperity. The same prosperity that propels Progressivism and Socialism also results in people going "I'm well fed and I want to do naughty things with my dick to a large number of people. Who needs God? He'll just get in the way." Secularism is part of the r-selected constellation of behaviors that spring up whenever there's an abundance of resources. Nature wants us to use those resources to have as many babies as possible so it triggers r-selected behaviors in our brains. (We outsmart Nature of course by using Birth Control, and instead of being overrun by babies, we commit demographic suicide by having only 1.67 babies per couple.) When the resources that trigger r-selection run out, Progressivism, Feminism, Socialism and secularism die too. Masculinized Christianity will come back because it's pretty damned good at regulating people's behavior, getting women to behave themselves and at focusing everyone's minds away from "muh dik" activities and towards activities that build complex civilizations.

Anonymous said...

Love that movie. Old enough to have met many of those war survivors in person. Even flew with a couple of old timers before they passed. And by god they were very brave men. Imagine having skilled enemy pilots and gunners shooting holes in your thin-skinned airplane for four fucking hours, only to have to do it day after day until getting wounded or killed. Tell me Captain (or whoever), which subscription service has the best coverage of those great old movies? ((And if anyone wants to have a very rewarding experience, and meet a few of these guys in person, volunteer at your local VA.))

As for Trump, I read an intelligent and accurate article which explained the next president usually possesses qualities which the predecessor does not. In other words the most influential person in 2016 will be the voter’s perceptions of this incredible embarrassing pansies-ass Obama. So 2016 does not look good for Bolshevik Bernie or the Hilldabitch as they are both promising to shove Obama’s failed agenda even farther up our ass. For the same reason, it looks very promising for Trump. He is a genius marketing person and has carefully differentiated his brand as the anti-Obama.

If trump does not win, bad shit is gonna happen in America. If Trump wins and he is a fake, bad shit is gonna happen in America.

The crybaby mainstream GOP pussies are a distant 3rd place because they've place their hope on brand loyalty even though the public knows they switched to horse meat 20 years ago. The mainstream GOP has failed to differentiate their product from the failed Shrub family or the lying African team. The GOP and the DEM party is nearly the same party… it’s like the scripted wrestling matches on TV... When the lights go down they all go to the same bar and circle jerk.

Rand Paul is simply too short and has stupid looking fake hair with a huge little-guy complex. I think Rand did not get laid until he had a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

The Hitler iconography in my Twitter profile is astonishing

Unknown said...

Democrats and Republicans have done nothing for me and I want both parties dead, dead, dead.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to adopt some of those unwanted and unloved kids while you're at it. You won't have to look far to find them.

Jay said...

You never talked much about Donald Trump in your posts and videos. Why?

Ba;;adeer said...

Terrific piece, Captain! Liberal totalitarianism needs competent opposition. Instead the left has been Tony Soprano facing Ned Flanders for decades.

Wade said...

Excellent piece of writing. More inspiring than anything I've read for a while.

Jamie NZ said...

Some fucker with cash pony up and pay the man

ghostsniper said...

The captains talking about tomorrow and a bunch of you are still talking about yesterday. YOUR assumptions about religion have nothing to do with me and I don't appreciate your assertion it does.

Tucanae Services said...


Nice article, agree with the majority of it and I am in an age group you don't expect, 60+. I grew up in an America that does not resemble what we have today and I would like to see the next generation get back to what I had.

I do have to disagree with one aspect of the article. You said the GOP's plans did not work. I would suggest they did, fact worked perfectly. GOP mgt came to realize they could feed at the tax trough just like the Dims without the headaches of 'Leading'. So the GOP evolved to 'win just enough' to be considered opposition and have a right at the trough but lose enough they did not own any committee chairs.

But oh darn, the voters handed them leadership in 2010/2014 and it shows. They don't know what to do with it. So bad in fact that Ryan and McConnell spend more time kibtzing with the Dims than their own party on votes. Its pathetic.

Anonymous said...

As with Shamrock's Canadians, '12 O'Clock High' was the only movie shown during Initial Officer Training in the Royal Air Force in the 1980s. Two questions normally guaranteed to annoy socialists are: What, in one sentence, is your Aim? and How will your plan achieve that?
Every time I have asked them these questions, "Answer came there none".