Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Americans Dying with Debt

After 78 years on this planet, Americans still can't get their act together and die with a positive net worth.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with that? Leave a stiff while stiffing your creditors, that's the way to go.

A Texan said...

The ideal way is not to have too much the creditors and banks can steal at the end of your life. I don't feel sorry for these shyster corrupt entities losing money which if not paid will end up as a tax write off anyway for them. Not like they can't have the Federal Reserve punch up some zeros and have them solvent again which they will do again.

tpkeefe said...

Interesting tidbit on how even Thomas Jefferson died broke, for those who pay close attention to history:




I like how the one article highlights how Jefferson had to pay out of his own pocket for his meals, clothing, etc. . . . something which is taxpayer-funded in today's day and age.

Faithless Cynic said...

I am on track to retire in 5 years with zero debt. Still, shit happens, and a drunk crossing the center line or a heart attack can ruin my plans. The solution, buy some life insurance so your family does not have to deal with that shit. The good news is I got $100 off per year for being in shape :-) If you are older there may be an exam and a shit ton of paperwork required so get on this today! Sometimes you can get "no exam" life insurance from your job.