Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why I Just Don't Care About the London Attack

Before you accuse me of being cold, heartless, evil, or a psychopath, understand the point of this post is one akin to the Serenity Prayer.  A very important philosophical epiphany many people never realize, but should as it is vital to their psychological well being and mental health.  It is one of accepting reality and not getting worked up in the world of theory.  And the London attacks, like previous and any future terrorist attacks, are/will continue to make my point until the point in time something is actually done about Islamic terror.  And I strongly suggest you set aside emotions, politics, and even your own sense of self-survival to clearly see and hear the point I'm trying to make.

First, "What is it this time?"

Be it the Nice attack in France.
The bombing in Germany's market square.
The Boston marathon bombing.
The Cologne sexual assault party.
The Orlando gay night club shooting.
The hotel bombing in Mumbai.

It's very apparent that nothing new is going to happen.  The media will immediately rush to say it wasn't confirmed that it was a Muslim who did this.  Then, when it's discovered it was, they will rush out to say Muslims fear a backlash in their communities before the bodies get cold.  There will be furor on the internet on the right demanding we "do something about this."  And people on the left will rush to say it's racism to point out the attacks came from Muslims.

But in the end NOTHING different will happen.


And the reason nothing different will happen is too many young people, too many old people, and too many women have been successfully brainwashed in western schools to put diversity and the fear of being called a racist over their own desire for self-survival.  They will continue to vote left, they will continue to vote for the elimination of western culture, and unless you're willing to waste your life by taking up arms and overthrowing a democracy, only to be killed yourself or land in prison forever, then your only option is to sit there and take it.

Second, this brings in the importance of stoicism and practicing it.  Since the outcome is already concluded for this and all future terrorist attacks, why get worked up about it?  I know it's not fair.  I know it's not right.  I know your country's very own survival is on the line, but it is here an ultimate test in sanity (and stoicism) applies.

If you don't control it, why bother getting worked up about it?

Yes I know murder is not acceptable.  Yes I know terrorism is bad.  But if it's going to happen no matter what I think about it, then I'm not paying the added price of stress, worry, fret and anger on top of it.  I'm going about my day and working on the things I DO control.

Will I eat healthy?
Will I work out?
Will I work hard?
and most importantly
Will I spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones?

These decisions and actions WILL have an effect on your future whether you are fated to die in a terrorist blast or not.  And if there's something to save your energy for, executable and effective actions are it.

Third, these people did it to their god damned selves.

If there's a reason to hate me, this third reason is likely it because it shows you how I'm all out of fucks to give about the human race and just what a genuine misanthrope I am.  But if you think about it who are the majority of the victims in these terrorist attacks?  

Hard working conservative farmers in fly over country?
The quiet studious man spending time with his nuclear family at home?
The penitent man confessing his sins at church?
Or the engineering student, foregoing a night of partying so he can study for a better life?

The absolute-zero cold statistical truth is the majority of terrorist attacks kill a majority of people in western civilization who voted this stuff in.  Namely leftists.

The twin towers wiped out predominantly New Yorkers.  Sad and tragic as it was, of the 3,000 people died the majority were leftists.

The party goers in Nice and Cologne?  Young people living off of the government dime studying some worthless degree or another telling them how evil white people and capitalism are.  Leftist.

Bar the cop who heroically died in the London attack yesterday, I'm sure people wandering downtown London that got run over by Terrorist Attacker #379c were good leftists.

Boston.  Left.

The San Bernardino terrorist attack was at a government facility on government workers.  Leftists.

The horrifying attack in the gay night club.  Leftists.

And my favorite is when the occasional feminist gets raped at a refugee camp.  Most definitely leftist.

I know this shows I no longer have a soul, and yes, I acknowledge there were definitely some non-leftist victims in these attacks, but again my point is not one of morality or ethics.  My point is one of acceptance, numbers, and reality.  It's hard to attack and kill conservatives in large numbers because those ignorant hick bastards are spread out over rural and suburbanite areas.  They don't congregate in downtown areas to "party."  And the major metro centers with the richest targets for terrorists tend to have heavily dense populations of leftists.

And while on a human side I do mourn the innocent worker in Mumbai, or the innocent tourist in the twin towers, on the whole I just can't give a fuck when the majority of people who are dying in these attacks are the ones who voted it in.  And I REALLY can't give a fuck when for the past 30 years of my life these people are the ones who call me racist, sexist, evil, fascist and "privileged," blame me for all their problems, and likely hate me more than the terrorists themselves do.

And this leads to my final point about terrorist attacks nobody's going to do anything about - self respect.

Much as I disagree with terrorism, Islam, and murder, there is one thing they have that westerners don't - self respect.

Disagree with their culture, disagree with their heinous methods, disagree with whatever you want, they actually have the self-respect to put themselves first and not roll over on their backs in a death-bound psychotic virtue-signaling competition to see who is the least racist and biggest proponent of diversity.  They actually love themselves and their culture enough to die for it, while leftists can't wait to lift their skirts quick enough while jettisoning and throwing their own culture under the bus.

This lack of self-respect disgusts me.  It's like the nerd who self-pities himself and mopes, saying, "no girl will ever like me.  Sigh.  There's no reason to live.  I'm such a bad person."  But instead of begetting pity or sympathy, it begets disrespect, disdain and (in my case) hatred and rage.

I just can't respect or care about people who don't have the basic, simple ability to respect themselves.  To be such self-loathing, cowardly, worthless human beings that they place more value on valuing others over themselves is revolting.  It's so disgusting that in full intellectual honesty I can actually respect the terrorists themselves more because at least they stand for something.

So when you throw it altogether, why should I or anybody else with self-respect and a life to tend to, give a flying fuck about this or the scores of attacks that are going to happen in the future?

Nothing is going to be done about it.
The people who are attacked don't care and even think they deserve it.
Nobody has the courage to speak up about limiting immigration to cultures that don't have irreconcilable differences.
And the people getting attacked are unconsciously the ones who brought it upon themselves.

A culture without self-respect will not survive.  Not in as much that it doesn't "deserve" it, but the reality is that other cultures with self-respect are superior to it and will overtake and conquer it.  Ergo, bar being armed to the hilt to protect my loved ones and myself, I just cannot muster up the care for the self-inflicted problems of self-loathing others.

In the meantime I recommend what I always do.  Enjoy that decline people.  Enjoy that freaking decline.
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Post Alley Crackpot said...

"It's hard to attack and kill conservatives in large numbers because they're spread out over rural and suburbanite areas ..."

If that were actually true.

UK election map, 2015:

Three of my old London neighbourhoods reliably vote conservative.

But right there in the heart of London is a conservative neighbourhood, Cities of London & Westminster ... check it out.

john smith said...

Did you hear about the 20 year old male Syrian refugee posing as a high school freshman in north Georgia that was found dead with 9 bullets in his body? The county sheriff called it the worst case of suicide he had ever seen. The coroner and the DA agreed.

And that is the reason terrorists avoid fly over country. The locals won't put up with the BS and the rag heads know it.

Anonymous said...

Captain, is Statistics racist ? I bet leftists would say so, because they are all muslims.

One more thing: Not only Places of Indoctrination have to be destroyed, but also the Academia and the Flat Slums people like the attacker live in and get money for, read more at:

You found the right picture for this article.

CBMTTek said...


You are spot on.

The definition of a liberal is: Someone who is so open minded they will not take their own side in an argument.

The UK is full of liberals. Trust me, I go there at least once a year, and the entire country is off their collective rocker. There are areas of the greater London metro area that are, for all intents and purposes, off limits to the British, and guess what? The city administration supports it. Police are not allowed to enforce UK law in these areas, female police officers have to wear hajibs as part of their uniform if they are patrolling in or near those areas.

Radical Imams are protected against criticism, but anyone questioning Islamic influence is almost immediately slapped with an ASBO. (Anti-social behavior order, essentially a ticket for saying something mean. (in other words, telling the truth.) You would hate it there.)

The major problem is that this liberal, self hating, cut off your own nose to spite the proverbial face stuff is going to continue until the idiots pushing it actually end up feeling the pain. Unfortunately, anyone with the ability to foresee the inevitable will be sucked down into the pit with them.

So, you are correct. Enjoy the decline.

I feel bad for the next few generations.

onezeno said...

Prudent analysis, sanity, disparaging snark....all the ingredients for a great blog post! I might bookmark this to read it after every terrorist attack, from the safety of my bunker in rural Missouri. :D

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. I predict the following changes:

Greater security around the Houses of Parliament
Personal protection squads 24/7/365 for politicians
Armoured luxury cars with selected drivers for politicians to safeguard their hides
A doubling down on the message of "This is the new normal", "You have more chance of being killed by meteorites than a mentally ill culturally enriching person", "It is due to past sins by this country/whites/christianity"
Greater prominence given to Muslims when decisions are made by government.

No doubt you can add more with a little thought.

So yes, there will defintely be changes but only those to safeguard the elites.

Phil B

98abaile said...

Nothing about the attack surprised me. In fact the most emotional I got was watching the parliamentary debate the day after. I have never seen such an open display of hand wringing, back slapping, self loathing virtue signalling in all my life.; literally an hour of praising islam. It was genuinely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

The leftists will only care when the civil wars are started by their Islamist allies. And the Islamist will start the coming civil wars when the host country turns down their final demand for large chunks of autonomous regions. Just ask Serbia how all that works.

Jay Currie said...

I had basically the same response.

And the question I ask is just how bad it has to get before people actually will do something about it. Much worse than this I suspect.

Twin Towers worse? Nope. Muslim immigration surged after the Towers and the concept "Islamophobia" was coined to pathologize the idea that perhaps Islam might have had something to do with the slaughter.

Even a serious mass casualty event - 20k to 200k killed - will probably have the lefties singing Kumbaya all the faster.

It is not obvious to me that this can be turned around at all.

Enjoying the decline, staying away from crowds, not stressing as politicians exclaim that "This had nothing to do with Islam which is the religion of Peace" seem to be the wisest course of action at the moment. Frustrating, but wise.

Anonymous said...

Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes.

Vuil said...

Don't forget the teddy bears and flowers. That is also part of the terrorist response. Flowers, teddy bears, candles and some bogus tears.

For all the false lamentations the survivors of the dead victims are left to their own devices. Their loved ones were killed in the final analysis by the poor decisions of politicians that allowed these people into Britain or any other country where terrorism exist.

Sam Oldfield said...

The left know their days are numbered on this. They know they don’t have a leg to stand on, that they’re all out of arguments and have no policy, even theoretically, that can stop the attacks. All they have is fear, and the defense against fear is courage. They’ll collapse, I suspect soon, they have to if they ever expect to get elected again.

In response to Aaron Clarey’s post at the Captain Capitalism blog, ‘Why I Just Don’t Care About the London Attack’

David Jravis said...

When Hollywood celebrities start dying from terrorist attacks, maybe, MAYBE they'll be more of a pushback.

Unlikely, though. Muslims will never target Hollywood... for now. They know that Hollywood is one of their biggest defenders. They'll save Hollywood celebrities until after they've outlived outlived their usefulness.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

The fecklessness and open cowardness by the standing governement is the worst part, but I especially hate the candle light vigils that come immediately after any terrorist attack. Cowering simps who are virtue signalling just amplifies and reeks of weakness. And weakness invites attack. So the cycle perpetuates itself.

Your observation about the 9-11 attacks is an interesting take and I would have to agree. It made me recall the quote by über-leftist Michael Moore asking "why the 9/11 attacks didn't happened in somewhere in the red states. They killed the wrong people." The evil committed in his worldview is not that killing people is wrong to begin with, but the islamic terorrists targted the wrong people.

Nemisis is bitch, but after "Koros-Hubris-Ate."

Faithless Cynic said...

For years I thought that I was somehow warped or mentally defective. Why? Because I truly do not care if my fellow muricans die in a terrorist attack. I read something about the Boston Marthon attack that really hit home. The attackers were given free or cheap housing and all kinds of government perks, just because they were allegedly fleeing oppression. A newspaper tred to tally up the value of these perks and the investigation was shut down. So these fuckers were able to siphon money from law abiding, working people like me, and this is the thanks we get? ZERO FUCKS GIVEN.

Tom's Rule - You do not owe some asshole anything, just because they were "oppressed" or born on the same land mass, or managed to sneak over the border, or have a certain skin tone, or the honest and unbiased media says so. Said assholes will use their last breath to attempt to guilt you. FUCK THEM ALL

Black Poison Soul said...

Who says that you have no soul, Aaron? I think that you have plenty.

You are simply being realistic. These "victims" are fully consenting "adults" in their own self-destruction. On a deep level I think that they are fully-aware of it also.

You don't get paid to keep them from committing suicide. You don't get points for keeping them from committing suicide. They have the full right - muh freedumb! - to commit suicide.

On that deep level, inside themselves, they are so miserable on an existential level that they are 100% okay with committing suicide. On that deep existential level, they are quite happy to help their fellows commit suicide also. This is why they scream and rant and froth at the mouth whenever someone attempts to stop them.

What they don't have is the right to commit murder, of you and your family and friends. So protect yourself and avoid the suicidal. Let them die on their own.

rw95 said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Cappy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the decline.
Have you ever read Morris Berman's "Twilight of American Culture?" If you haven't I think you'd enjoy it. Like you, he also believes that the US (and the west in general), is pretty much toast.

Anonymous said...

Those pussies across the pond are getting just what they deserve and I couldn't give two shits about them!! Fucking cowards to Nth degree!!!

Yekke said...

So even Victor Hanson is now in enjoy the decline mode:

Vanessa said...

I swear we are related.

MaMu1977 said...

Islam will be the left's sacred cow until the last readily available drop/scrap of petroleum has been wrung from Saudi soil.

Kram said...

Lets not forget the gays who have nothing but sympathy for the Muslims and see any attempt to control entry tot the US as racist islamophobia. Unofficial spokes thing for the gays is Star Treks George Takei who wants everyone to know his Japanese family was held in a camp during WW II and whines about Islamic discrimination.
I'm waiting for him to be thrown off a rooftop along with other homosexuals by followers of the religion of "peace". No doubt he'll remind us how evil we are as he splatters on the street below.

FTW said...

Hell yeah! This needs to be tattooed on the forehead of every democrat liberal fucktard...

Anonymous said...

Less than two years ago I was booted from a gun chat room for disagreeing with the "Teach a Liberal To Shoot" thread because I was so 'mean' as to say that "If you teach a Liberal to shoot be prepared to be shot in the back"

norwood said...

How's that cough? You still have an uncontrolled cough in your videos? Still want to punch me in the nose Capt Cupcake?

Robert What? said...

In the words of the inimitable Mark Steyn: Muslims fear backlash from next month's terror attack.

Anonymous said...

But of course; you do give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

I am kind of thinking along the same way.. except I am a big more honest. "Who cares they are leftists"

When they come for me and mine, then yes, I am "willing to waste my life by taking up arms and overthrowing a democracy, only to be killed yourself or land in prison forever" and yes, I am training and ready for it.

Left Behind in Chicago said...

He writes:

"he twin towers wiped out predominantly New Yorkers. Sad and tragic as it was, of the 3,000 people died the majority were leftists."

I respond:

How about the 300 Irish American FDNY Firenan that gave their lives on that terrible. day?

Hey ass hole

You re an ass hole .

If we ever meet the fight is on.

Bill said...

Good thing there are no bridges where I live! 😄

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with the Cap'n. I'm all outta fucks to give as well. I can forsee a mass casualty attack happening in some other Bluest of Blue Cities, and people demanding that the military, staffed by and large by Red-staters go off and die on some hill in the middle of shitcanistan in retaliation. F-ck'em. I'm glad I'm out. I don't care how many lefties get to die for Allah, I don't look at them as fellow Americans anymore. That's what they wanted right? To fracture the polity... well they got it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaye,

Ted Kennedy was the main driver of The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which abolished the National Origins Formula that had been in place in the United States.

In other words, Irish Democrats are responsible for mass immigration from both Mexico and the Muslim world. And they keep electing left-wing open borders Muslim- loving democrats to office. So if they die because of Kennedy driven immigration, it's their fault.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Took forever for someone with a brain to reply!!