Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Vital Advice Before Men Turn 30

Trust the ole Captain when he tells you this, I don't care which one you buy, but just buy one.  You're going to save a lot of time and agony and pain and tears yanking out nose hairs while driving down interstate.

No no!!!  TRUST YOUR ELDERS!  And if you don't believe me, I guarantee you every older man who bought one of these will vouch for them in the comments section.

Help me, help you!!!  Seriously, a degree in chemical engineering won't even come close to providing the ROI that a good pair of nose trimmers does.


Anonymous said...

Old guy here. There are no excuses for not having good personal grooming habits. Besides nose hairs don't forget the ear hairs too. Also, eye brows need occasional trimming as well.

Meiji Man said...

I'd suggest a good combo kit like the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 that has beard and hair trimmers AND a nose and ear hair trimmer. $20 on Amazon. And make sure you purchase it through the good Captain's site.

A Texan said...

Regarding chemical engineering, it's ok maybe. If you get in at a refinery and work your way up to a process engineer which can pay six figures. Not sure if you are slave to it or not.

Even engineering is losing its luster. Overall, as a person who looked a lot of job positions for the last couple years, work was difficult to find and the pay for engineers versus responsibilities not that great.