Friday, March 17, 2017

They Would Crucify Benny Hill Today

Which is all the more reason we need to show this to the precious snowflakes:


David Jravis said...

It's strange how their minds work, isn't it?

These snowflakes are the same people who attend gay pride parades with guys doing cartwheels while wearing assless chaps and a sailor hat (when they're not French kissing other men or leading them around on a leash), lead "slut walks", going topless for some cause or another, and sexualizing grade school children at younger and younger ages.

But they'd be offended over something like "Benny Hill" because it "objectified" women.

commoncents said...

Saturday Night Live absolutely skewers the Liberal Snowflakes

ps. would you consider CC to your blogroll?

Paul, Dammit! said...

As a [Insert special protected group here] [insert made-up gender here] with [insert nice phrase that used to be called 'just a weird loser'], I am [insert feels here]. Further, you must be [insert overly wordy weak insult here].

Or am I the only one who notices that snowflake commentary reads like Mad Libs?

Heh. Even the name works better today than 30 years ago. Mad Libs.
Mad Libs were awesome.

Robert What? said...

Just remember what Dean Wormer said: "No fun of any kind."