Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why Environmentalists Are Incapable of Saving the Environment

Because in order to do that, they'd have to be like these engineers who developed these sails that will help power tankers at sea cut their fuel consumption by 10%.

I'll explain it again.

Solar panels.
Fuel efficient cars.

Everything that is going to help make a "greener" world is produced, conceived, and developed by STEM graduates and engineers.

Not professional whiny pussy "environmentalists" who are nothing more than professional complainers and activists.


Anonymous said...

this technique of rotating sails was already tried before, it was a failure.

Anonymous said...

Hampshire College is # 1 in the your "Degree is Worthless" category

Paul, Dammit! said...

Those rotor sails are grade A Kabuki, and I'll be happy to tell you why.

I've spent the last 17 years working on oil tankers. I rose from painting and chipping rust to captain.

There have been assist kites and other New Hotnesses foisted on us since the first purpose-built tanker was built. With the exception of advances in internal combustion engines, most are abandoned because oil tankers work on a tight profit margin, and labor costs are the principle issue.

We're already way, way too busy to mess with this BS. There are not enough crew on a ship to handle more work, like caring for some shoreside engineers' masturbatory fantasies.

We already are asked to lie regularly and exploit every loophole on work hour limits. Ships usually crash because someone is tired. Manning levels are determined by the shipowners and the countries that collect taxes from them, not by the people who live and die or want to support the well-being or safety of shipping.
The newest supersized container ships that transit the new Panama canal have 13 people on board. 10 years ago they had 20-25. 10 years ago we were struggling to keep the ships seaworthy and well-maintained without enough labor. Cutting the labor force in half hasn't helped.
Despite that, labor costs are still driving shipping companies out of business. Make of that what you will.

So you can imagine that I give some CalTech brats' take on a 50-year old concept that was already abandoned once with a hairy eyeball.

Maersk Shipping are a nationalized company, a bunch of lowlife scum who are bankrolled by the EU. They get tax breaks to do dumb crap like this to make up for the money they're not earning. They've got the EU to back them so they can lose billions each quarter, which they're currently doing. What to they care? They've got Daddy's trust fund.

Now, that doens't detract from your original statement, Cap. Blue-sky projects from engineers ARE the natural result of an unfettered market, right? In this case, a very subsidized company is raiding mommy's underwear drawer and pretending to be all grows up, however, and is repackaging an old idea that even the Cousteau Society called a massive waste and abandoned.
They did it all for the feels.

JK Brown said...

If you wish to save the world, you cannot major in environmental studies, but must major in electrical or electronic engineering. Fewer might major in propulsion engineering. But nothing, anymore, is purely mechanical. Everything has hardware, firmware and software, but if you can't understand the hardware, your software is limited to the chips on the board. I'm sure there is still a good bit for chemical engineering.

Key is engineering, the practical application of science, technology and math to do something useful for mankind.