Monday, March 06, 2017

"Gen Z" Will Not Save the US

It was twenty years ago and I remember very clearly my realtor friend having hope.

What was this hope, you ask?

Well it was hope that the-then upcoming generation of youngsters were showing signs of conservatism.  That based on some study or another, or perhaps a poll he read, these young men and women would turn back and undo all the leftist poppycock our generation enacted in our young adulthood.  It was only due to Newt Gingrich that we defeated Hillarycare (look it up, it was a thing), and thankfully, right around the corner, was this generation chock full of Reaganauts ready to bring us back to the glorious 40's and 50's.

That generation he spoke of was the millennials.

Fast forward twenty years to today and a similar conversation is being held amongst hopeful and naive conservatives.

Why, did you hear!!??  This "Gen Z" is the most conservative generation since the WWII generation!  They don't have tattoos and they don't like abortion!  They don't even like sex!  By gum!  We're going to see those glorious Eisenhower-Leave It to Beaver-Nuclear Family days again!  And look!  Here!  Here's a study!  A STUDY!!!  See that!  It says Gen Z is conservative so it must be true!

And so, it seems high time for the Ole Captain to dust off the "Bat of Reality" and start beating people over the head with it.

First, realize it was just ONE STUDY.  And we all know just how reliable studies are.  Be it the fact 2/3rds of psychological studies were not able to be repeated, or the more recent exposure that even scientific studies can't be repeated, one study does not mean every conservative should pin their hopes in a generation of children overly-optimistically just as they have Donald Trump.  It's just one study, it doesn't mean anything, and as it just so happens, it's a study done on Gen Z while they're still kids.

This leads to the second point why Gen Z will not save you.  They're kids.

I'm sure there was a seed of truth to my buddy's claim 20 years ago that the Millennials were "the most conservative generation since Hoover!"  I'm sure there was a study, a poll, or something.  But it was done when the millennials were children.  And academia and the school system is NOOOOOOWHERE near done brainwashing your kid's by then.  Matter of fact, the Educational Left saves their most potent indoctrination and brainwashing for college.  And while Little Susie is sent off to college as a good, studious, conservative, even church-going girl, by the time her first summer break rolls around she's a pansexual, white-apologist, liberal arts major whose been on three Slut Walks, 2 pussy hat protests, who hates you because you didn't tell her about the wonders of Karl Marx like her professors did.  So just because they're conservative now, don't think you did a decent-enough job parenting them to inoculate them against the addictive temptation of other people's money socialism.

Related is parenting.

Terribly sorry.  But the quality and caliber of parents who are raising Gen Z are no better than the laughable bunch that raised the millennials.  Younger Baby Boomers are the ones demographics squarely blames for this atrociously parasitic and worthless generation.  But bad as a Baby Boomer Parent-Millennial Child combination is, who do you think is raising Gen Z?

Ward Cleaver?
John Wayne?
Healthcliff Huxtable?

It's Gen X.  The generation that's so stupid that even though they suffered mightily at the alter of divorce, they learned NOTHING from the experience and have the exact same performance, perhaps even worse, than their baby boomer parents.  They're the generation the swallowed whole the going green, organic, OWS, save the whales, fat acceptance, participation trophy BS that millennials have now taken to a whole new level, making it their virtue-signaling-as-a-religion.  If the baby boomers begat the nookie-sucking-as-an-adult, Winona-Ryder-worshipping, Generation X, just what pathetically hopeless filth do you expect Gen X to begat?  Well we will find out with Gen Z, but something tells me they're not going to be landing anybody on Mars any time soon.

Fourth, we don't have to wait to see if the first Gen Z'er to graduate from MIT actually gets us to Mars.  You can see it empirically just watching them.  Just like the millennials, nobody in Gen Z works.  They're all glued to their phones and video games.  And they're declaring majors in the exact same worthless, liberal arts BS that their slightly older millennial brothers and sisters just majored in.  In other words, there is no clear delineation between Millennials and Gen Z'ers, not only because of demographics, but their behaviors haven't changed.  The boys are wimps, the girls are masculine.  They're more doped up on Ritalin and lithium than even the millennials, yet somehow you guys think this generation, made from the EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS is going to turn out any different than the millennials.  You'll be lucky if they don't turn out worse.

And finally racial composition.

The younger you go the higher the percentage of the population that is a minority.  And minorities, no matter what age, tend to vote for more socialism than less.  However, don't think this is largely a minority affair.  White millennials have been shown to be perfectly susceptible to brainwashing and indoctrination to such an extent they are trained to hate themselves and feel guilty for things they haven't done.  But be it minorities that are sociologically predispositioned to vote left, or white kids who are sociologically predispositioned to self-hatred, BOTH are NOT the "independent minded mega-minds" they all claim to be.  Just like Gen X, just like the millennials, they are nothing but sheep.  They will swallow whole the leftist brainwashing just like their predecessors, and you just have to tip your hat to the Educational Left for convincing them that they're "independent minded" students too boot (that truly is a master stroke what you socialists have done there).  Regardless, the success of the left to get kids to view everything in terms of race, and to get white kids to feel guilt for things they're never done, is not only proof to the incredible job the left has done brainwashing these kids, but just what utterly obedient, conformist sheep these kids are.

You add this all up, and I don't care what one poll says, and I don't care that Donald Trump is in the office.  The democrats and the left in this country have laid the seeds for the destruction of the US long ago through its children via the educational system.  And the republicans as still too busy dislodging one anothers' heads from each others' asses to realize they must do the same or at least de-politicize schools to let the US even have a shot as surviving.  Gen Z will prove to be another wasted crop, just like the millennials and just like the Gen X'ers.  And having such futile hope in now 14 year old kids to magically have the wisdom of Milton Freidman or Thomas Sowell is laughable.

Enjoy the decline kids.  Enjoy that freaking decline.
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Anonymous said...

OR: Learn their mistakes, and don't make them again.

Be intentional about your parenting. Study what's NOT working now. Try a different way, and think/educate your children in badthink/wrongfeelz.

The largest problem to overcome? Boomer inability to release control and assets down to the younger generation. Call it infantilization, short term selfishness, etc.

The best thing for Gen X/millennials/Gen Z is to structure their families (i.e. have them, have 3+ kids, have one income, a stay at home mom, etc.) to be vastly different that their fucked up parents.

The future will be made by those with children. I'd rather not grow old under Sharia.

Jumpshot said...

Not everyone in Gen X is a waste. I'm a Gen X'er, and I am so far to the right that I bury the needle. Most of my peers in high school were also conservatives and remained so after college. Of course, this was in the South. YMMV.

By and large, though, you are right: Gen X is a failed crop. But there are some seeds worth replanting.

grey enlightenment said...

And minorities, no matter what age, tend to vote for more socialism than less.

Blacks and Hispanics ,although with trump that is changing..maybe

Anonymous said...

There are always mutants such as yourself. You may be lonely. I know I am ... in a sea of socialism where I live ... and I am with Attila the Hun on most things. I am lonely too. The upside for me is that predate the Baby Boom Gen by about 7 years ... so I won't enjoying the fruits of what is to come with the current loser generations poised to take the helm.

Eveyone kinda gets what they deserve to some extent. Bummer about the innocent.

ASM826 said...

“Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”
– Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC


And we will see it happen. Enjoy the decline.

Stork said...

"They're more doped up on Ritalin and lithium than even the millennials,..."

This is a real thing in the US, I see. The other day I stumbled upon an article at LRC that really showed me how really freaking bad is this thing of duping college students into thinking that they have mental problems and feeding them brain damaging drugs in the United States. That's where most of the leftist violence comes from.

If you ever had any doubt on the legitimacy of psychiatry this stuff will blow your mind.

Anonymous said...

There's even people who are in their late 70s and early 80s, who aren't even part of the baby boomers, are blindsided by liberalism and totally clueless about the Democrats.

onezeno said...

Yes and not every millennial and not every baby boomer. But that's not the point.

Hrw-500 said...

I'm also a Gen-X'er too and I agree with Jumpshot about some seeds worth replanting. Mainly seed like Kyle Chapman alias Stick Man alias Alt.Knight who standed up against Antifas and others anarchists. If only we got more guys like him.

Anonymous said...

Some of those old timers in their 70s are worse than the Millenials.

A Texan said...

I have asked Christians in my part of the country that if they have so many complaints about public schools which is the problem, why they don't homeschool or use their church as school. Computers are cheap now and so are online resources. Christians are teachers, engineers, and such and could teach these kids. Invite parents without resources to join even for a nominal charge some would probably be happy to pay instead of putting them into a public school. But nooooo, they want to try to change something through politics which is a fool's errand.

Society has to change at the grass roots level.

Anonymous said...

The generations are roughly 20 years in length: Boomers were from 1945-1965, Gen Xers were born between 1965-1984, and Gen Y was born between 1984-2004. Obviously there's a few years of disagreement here and there but even the guy (Neil Howe) who coined the term "millennial" has the millennial birth years ending in the 2004.

The "gen Z" crowd are really just younger millennial snowflakes who've deluded themselves into thinking they're not millennials. I would actually say that the vast majority of this gen z hype is coming from these mid to late 90s millennials. This behavior is very typical of millennial snowflakes. I don't have much hope that these younger millennials will improve anything.

The oldest real Gen Zers are still in middle school.

hamid amin said...

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David said...

You say, “They’re kids.” You think they stay that way forever?

Anonymous said...

Completely agreed. Many of these naive conservatives like to say that Gen Z will be the generation that will change the world in every aspect. When people tell me that I ask them to take a step back and reflect on the current state of the world.

Seriously. Just take a step back and reflect.

Have you seen what Gen Z consumes on a daily basis? Most of Gen Z spends their time on social media and social media is bombarded with all kinds of degeneracy. Take a look what Gen Z finds so hip and "cool" in 2018: face tattooed rappers, taking xanax, spending tons of hours ranting about mental health issues, pornographic habits, eating tide pods, doing fortnite dances, following Logan paul, making lots of joke references about ending their life etc.

This is the generation that is going to save the world? Are you kidding me? Gen Z likes to be so smug by quoting how they had to face 9/11 and the house market crash of 2008 therefore they are living in hard times. REALLY? As if the Silent Generation didn't go through WAY worse like the Great Depression and WWll, both of which helped them mature fast enough to overcome the hardships of daily life. Gen Z? MOST OF THEM HAVE ANXIETY OVER MINISCULE ISSUES yet they claim they are going to overthrow the evil liberal corrupted guberment. How cute.

Of course, there's always going to be that Gen Z kid that defends his "woke" generation by saying that he and his group of friends like to troll on the edgy SJWs at school for the lulz. There's a difference between defending your principles and outright being arrogant because it's the new hip thing to do. Gen Z is the latter. Gen Z doesn't care about truth. Gen Z doesn't care about change. You're only rustling the SJWs because you like getting a reaction out of them. Actions speak louder than words and the actions of Gen Z are nothing but degeneracy. Ironically enough many of them support LGBT rights and identify as bisexual. So there's that.