Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When You Woke Up and Finally Realized, "Wait! Hillary LOST!!!"

I've often said the human brain cannot fully comprehend either amazingly BAD things that happen or amazingly GOOD things that happen, especially in short periods of time.  It takes time to mourn the loss of a loved one, just as it takes time to fully realize the ramifications of winning the lottery.  It's almost the same thing with Hillary Clinton losing.

Certainly we (and very likely the rest of the sane world) rejoiced loudly when she lost those five months ago.  But we may not have fully incorporated and therefore appreciated this fact until now.  Yes, Hillary losing was THAT GOOD of a thing.  And we should thank our lucky stars like we do for good health, good family, and employment that that evil bitch is not president today.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to say "Enjoy the decline." Are you experiencing a fit of optimism?

Joe Richards said...

Another great Cappy post. I personally have been feeling the happiness of this event every freaking day. The down side is I've been celebrating every night with bourbon and have been gaining weight due to excessive partying.

Anyway, recommend you all take Rush Limbaugh's advice and rewatch the election returns on you tube. They all start out so smug and then after a couple of hours it starts to dawn on them hiLiary could actually lose. they were so dumbfounded on the Clinton news network that hiLiary conceded before the network had called the election.

Well, off to the gym.

Faithless Cynic said...

Hillary losing was certainly a joyous thing, as long as you realize it was a ONE TIME EVENT. The next selection will be a landslide for a warmonger, special interest owned Dem, no matter what votes are cast. As I write, someone is registering more illegals to vote and checking the cheat codes for the voting machines. THEY will not permit the uppity peasants to make a wrong decision again. THEY miscalculated this time, thinking the constant barrage of propaganda from the DNC controlled media would sway the sheep.

Hillary WILL be president, unless the bitch dies from whatever illness she is concealing. If the bitch dies, Lizzie Fauxchahontas Warren can function as an interchangeable president clone.

The next four years should be regarded as a one time, never repeated opportunity to get prepared for what is coming. Sorry if this seems to be a downer. I call it how I see it.

Anonymous said...

That bitch is one of the biggest wastes of skin in the history of mankind. She's the poster child for a "She-Devil" if ever there was one!! This country dodged a massive bullet when she lost!

seattle said...

Great post. When she lost I had to go to the ER 3 days later because my erection wouldn't go down. I want to suggest that when you address the evil bitch, you need to be proper since it is an official title ie; The Evil Bitch.

GregMan said...

I started smiling when Fox announced the God Emperor won Wisconsin. I have not stopped smiling since.