Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Socialism as a Religion


Maniac said...

Socialism, multiculturalism and environmentalism are the three main Leftist denominations.

Faithless Cynic said...

How about evironmentalism as a religion? I have seen green lefties reduced to tears because " the ice caps are melting and the cute baby polar bears will die" These snowflakes would shut down what little remains of US industry to " save a bear" It does not matter that China and India now produce most of the carbon emissions. It does not matter that China and India will not do a fucking thing about emissions. These snowflakes would destroy the remaining industry in the USA for a two percent reduction ( if that ) in carbon emission. You cannot talk numbers and common sense with these assholes, just like any other religion.

To a green leftie, my starving to death is just a sad but necessary measure to " SAVE MOTHER EARTH" The lefties must wonder why this old curmudgeon refuses to comply or die. Guess they forgot that survival is the prime directive for any animal.

Anonymous said...

Socialism, multiculturalism and environmentalism are all symptoms of a disease that leaves one's brain incapable of developing common sense while producing unusually high levels of emotion.

JK Brown said...

Religion and a pietist one at that

"Most pietists took the following view: Since we can't gauge an individual's morality by his following rituals or even by his professed adherence to creed, we must watch his actions and see if he is really moral.

"From there the pietists concluded that it was everyone's moral duty to his own salvation to see to it that his fellow men as well as himself are kept out of temptation's path. That is, it was supposed to be the State's business to enforce compulsory morality, to create the proper moral climate for maximizing salvation. In short, instead of an individualist, the pietist now tended to become a pest, a busybody, a moral watchdog for his fellow man, and a compulsory moralist using the State to outlaw "vice" as well as crime."

--Murray N. Rothbard