Thursday, March 30, 2017

Data Suggesting Virtue Signaling Marketing Doesn't Work

A survey was put out recently wherein Millennials were asked if, in light of the completely fabricated "Uber was racist" story (during Trump's travel ban), were you still going to use them?

And surprise of surprises 95% of Millennials said "yes."

This little tidbit may be of no great concern, but within it lays a whole bunch of implications for leftists and leftist strategies.

1.  Virtue signaling doesn't work either to gain market share or getting your enemy to lose it.

Lyft's disgusting cowardice in accusing Uber of being racist, in all reality should have backfired.  Of course it didn't, but it also didn't score Lyft a huge part of Uber's business.  We also saw this in Target's desperate attempt to be ahead of the SJW curve in letting whoever identify as whatever so you can use whichever bathrooms.  Target's sales have slumped ever since.

2.  Most people, both right and left, are too fat and lazy to boycott.

Boycotting is haaaaarrrrrd.  And the lazy Americans who've populate North America today don't want to drive the extra mile to get non-Star Buck coffee, and "gee shuck whillkers howdy, they just can't do without their Anti-American Apple product!"  It doesn't matter right or left, you can have a company like Bioware come out right and say "we are going to ass rape you full of leftist politics" and kids will line up to buy those video games.  So here there is good news for the CSR heads and other SJW's who are employed by corporate America.  They will still get their warm fuzzies and muh feelz championing what they were programmed to champion.  Won't do jack to your sales.  Either boosting or harming them.  So an entire generation of fake corporate skeeze can get their political jollies off using marketing and corporations to think they're doing something worthwhile.

3.  Virtue signaling is solely for the virtue signaler.

You would think that since virtue signaling has no effect companies would not engage in it.  Politics would be taken out of commercials and companies would...oh I don't know...just offer their fucking service or product without a sermon.

But oh you poor simple minded fool.  Virtue signaling is going nowhere because it's solely for the virtue signaler.

Understand virtue signalers and the people who virtue signal do so because they really have nothing else in value in life.  They are not your engineers or your truck drivers or your stay at home parent or your otherwise engaged and purposed person in life.  They are wasted lives wandering the US who have no real value or agency and use (predominantly) leftist politics as a substitute for meaning.  A surgeon who just spent 5 hours in surgery does not brag about how he goes green.  An airline pilot does not parade the fact he's for amnesty for illegal aliens.  And a CPA in the middle of busy season is too busy to flaunt her organic/free trade diet.  Real people with real jobs and real lives just don't have time for these fake religions.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans are completely worthless, pointless people who have no real reason to live.  And they could go out and get a real job, or study STEM or raise a family,but that would take effort and that would be haaaaaarrrrrd.

Ergo, why nearly all your virtue signalers are worthless people engaged in worthless professions.

CSR heads.
HR heads.
"Diversity consultants."
Non profit employees.
Liberal arts majoring millennials.
Liberal arts majoring soccer moms who live off of STEM majoring husbands as they compete against each other as to who shops more at Whole Foods.

These people need something to point to in order to fool others and themselves that they're not parasites.  And the religions of the left, with their Nicene Creed like recitations about global warming, going green, anti-racism, etc. etc., fills that void of agency and purpose in life.

So while virtue signaling may not work, and may prompt no one to change their behaviors, realize it's here to stay until the millions of worthless people die off.  Because, seriously, what else do they have to do in life?


Anonymous said...

I cant get out of bed before I teach you Captain and readers what it means to be an HR recruiter: if you can post ads on you passed the test. That is all the HR women do and get fat salaries.

liberranter said...

So while virtue signaling may not work, and may prompt no one to change their behaviors, realize it's here to stay until the millions of worthless people die off.

Ain't gonna happen (the dying off part). Remember that worthless, stupid people (Lenin's "useless eaters") are outbreeding intelligent, productive people by orders of magnitude. One generation of them dies off, their offspring rise up to take their place.

weka said...

Amen, brother.

Saw a billboard in Sydney "stop racism keep section 18C -- the weaponized section of their race relations act -- and the amount of such virtue inside churchian space is huge.

As the voxday says, the SJW destroy everything they converge. It ain't a decline, it is a fall off a cliff face.