Friday, March 03, 2017

How Governments Made Living So Expensive

and you idiots voted it in.


Anonymous said...

And then they blame the capitalists and we create new government agencies to fix the problem. Problem created, problem solved. The mantra of the leftist.

Meanwhile, the things the government did not meddle in have gotten way cheaper. Too bad most of the population that is trying to do "the right thing" are working their ass off to get nowhere. You want that nice, modest, 1500 sq foot home within a reasonable commute from work? Good luck saving, because you're spending $1200 a month on rent, $800 a month on student loans, $1000 a month on other things, 35% of your income on taxes, and maybe, just maybe, you can save $500 or so a month for that down payment. But oh by the way, the price is going up 5% a year while your wage is going up 2.5% a year. So good luck!

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Not so much voting in as 'every man has his price, some just lower than others'

Unknown said...

Just a thought, why not use price control and put a cap on tuition. This will does these things.
1. Creates a shortage of spots in universities. If there is anything we can learn from leftists policies, it's that price control creates shortage of admission and restricts supply of degrees. This over time will restore value to the degree. Too many young people are studying worthless degrees so it's not like society is missing out on anything.
2. Students who manage to get accepted will face a lesser debt burden. More will be forced to go to technical schools, take on jobs, apprenticeship, enlist etc. This increases labour participation rate and reduce exposure to leftists propaganda.
3. With the money we save from not having to provide big loans to finance worthless degrees we can increase funding for technical, engineering, healthcare programs to boost productivity of our workers.

Let me know your thoughts on this

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation, Charles Hugh Smith knows his Austrian Economics. And having grown up in a military family, (and served as well) he can cut through the BS in that department too.
Another recent column you should read is: Virtue-Signaling the Decline of the Empire:
the status quo seeks to mask its self-serving rot behind high-minded "virtue-signaling" appeals to past glories and cost-free idealism.