Monday, March 27, 2017

Is There ANY Happiness in Feminism???

I try to ignore the world of feminism as it's nothing more than a religious hate group full of zealots who abdicate responsibility and worship at the feet of marxism.  It's merely glorified parasitism with a pair of drooping, ugly, pruny tits.  Nothing more, nothing less, and it sure as hell isn't an intelligent discipline or study that women's studies vainly attempts to make it.  But every once in a while their psychotic behavior shocks even me and therefore deserves highlighting, especially for the benefit of warning young boys and men about just what a sick and vile virus feminism is, infecting the girls they wish to court.

And this week there were two such instances.

One, an article in Cosmo (which I won't link to, but will link to the Federalist instead) that says it's bad when men enjoy women having orgasms during sex.  The tongue and cheek analysis is funny and rightly skewers the author as the painfully common liberal-arts-major-turned-poverty-striken-New-York-blogger  that she is.  But my god, now "women having orgasms" is bad and sexist because "men enjoy it."

Two, the kerfuffle over Wonder Woman's armpit hair has gotten feminists in a tizzy, not to mention given agency-less baby boomer and Gen X media types something to write about in their equally-pointless "journalist" careers.  Multiple articles have been written about this "crisis," but feminists have once again taken a movie about historical American comic book hero, that promised to be fund for the whole country, and managed to ruin it for the rest of us with their faux-victim-whore-seeking-rage.  Again, can you not just sit back, buy some popcorn, and have some fun?

But while we can focus on the seeming blood-oath feminists have sworn to being miserable, I'm not focusing on them on account they can't be saved.  Instead I'm going to focus on a group of people that are going to take the brunt of this mentally-diseased group of people - young mens and boys.  Because they are going to have a Darwinistic interest in the young women this poison called feminism will infect.  Ergo, to make sure they know they're not going crazy, and that no, you didn't don't anything wrong, I'm simply going to stand here and say:

"Dude, just open your eyes, look at this shitshow, and see just what a bunch of miserable, unhappy people feminists are."

Though the fine net of the internet has dragged up all sorts of horrific floor dwelling vermin for the world to see, young boys and men who literally don't know any better (especially given their female-centric education in the public schools) need to be shown this type of feminist sadness, anger and misery so that as they age and attempt to court women, they understand just what poison their female counterparts have been fed.

Be it getting yelled at because you cutely referred to your date as "kid" in reference to Casablanca (two girls hated me for this as early as in the 90's)

Be it being lectured for walking a girl to her car or door.

Be it being admonished for having a sexy cheesecake photo (which feminists will call "degrading and objectifying") of your girlfriend on your phone

these normal, historic, genetic, and ultimately, happy, joyful, fun, playful, and loving inter-sex acts between men and women are hated by feminists.  And especially when young women are particularly prone to swallow (if not at least parrot) a lot of this hate, it won't be until they grow up and mature a little bit will they have the adult, reasoned, and altruistic mind capable of being part of a loving (or at least) mutually beneficial dating relationship. Until then, they are simply not capable of being a quality girlfriend or wife.

The sad thing (for feminists anyway) is that their behaviors and temper tantrums are so outlandish, so petty, and so extreme that young boys (even girls), steeped in the leftist indoctrination of universities and K-12 can realize feminism is not some legitimate ideology with legitimate concerns about the sexes, fairness, progress and the equal treatment of women.  But instead, it's a mentally-ill, hateful cult filled with women who are


and can simply be written off as miserable women who hate life.

Warn your young boys, sons, and nephews about this poison they are going to run into as they get older.

Warn your daughters, sisters, and nieces so that they don't waste their lives being miserable like feminists.

And you don't need to show them this article to do so.  Just merely point out what feminists are doing today and even a child's mind can realize their misery.


Anonymous said...

All women are feminists now. Those that say they aren't are just LARPing. The past is a foreign country.

Ras al Ghul said...

Unhappy people externalize happiness and unhappiness.

If you blame the world for your unhappiness and see other people's happiness as luck (privilege) there is no way you can be happy.

Feminism is a pathological projection of dissatisfaction upon the world.

Being content, satisfied, even joy are better pursuits than happiness.

More evil is done these days in "I just want to be happy" than for any other reason.

Robert What? said...

Anyone remember the "Junior Anti Sex League" from the novel "1984"? Modern feminists remind me of this.

David Jravis said...

Wonder Woman is a movie about a man-hating Amazon who spends most of her time kicking men's asses. You would THINK that the feminists would be happy, but apparently, that's not enough for them anymore. Not that it matters to me, I have no plans on seeing this movie, anyway.

Aaron nails it on the main point of the article... You can't change the feminists, but you can open the eyes of the men to their antics, which helps them avoid them. If theirs one thing that women, especially feminists, can't stand, it's being ignored.

Anonymous said...

In middle school an anti-sexual assault (of females by males) group gave a talk with handouts, playacting scenarios, and a test to the boys and girls in the school. Reading through it later, I warned my sons to immediately flee from any female that says things like "you're making me feel unsafe" or talked about how she could get boys in trouble if they did something she didn't like.

Thankfully, my sons listened to me and told me of several close calls their friends had with girls newly empowered with a way of beating up on boys.

The whole thing was disgusting but it was best they know what the current cultural climate was like so they could protect themselves, especially when they headed off to college.

It's truly child abuse of the girls because they're turning them into vindictive little victims even when they're what we used to call pr*ck teases. And it's an absolute minefield for boys to find sensible girls. A pox on all those ugly inside and out womyn who try to make everyone else as unhappy and ugly as they are.

Bill said...

Go gault and prosper.

Omega Man said...

This latest trope from the feminazi crowd is so insane as to be beyond belief.

Does the fact that my wife enjoys getting me off (as much as I do her) make her a misandrist?

I've long held the belief that a man and woman make up a whole, that is one is incomplete without the other. In other words, a weakness in one is compensated for by a strength in the other, and together they are a family unit and the foundation stone upon which our civilization is built.

The attempted break up of the family unit by the left and their feminist and Islamist allies, which does appear to be succeeding, portends a very dark time ahead. I personally think that if the left wins, then a Bronze Age style civilizational collapse will be upon us, and by that I mean the complete and utter end of the world as we know it.

Is there hope for our society or should I prepare myself for the chaos which is surely coming?