Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Future of the US Economy

I was interviewed by Rocking Mr. E on his Philosochat podcast where we discussed the post Obama economy and what we though the future economy of the US looks like:

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Shankar S said...

Slightly OT. One concern I have had with Robotics is that Robots could serve Mankind faithfully which would result in a massive welfare state being created. I have written about this as a Dystopian Science Fiction concept here ( ) The basic premise is Robots serve Mankind faithfully but this leads to humans becoming domesticated. This domestication process profoundly changes human relationships from monogamy to polygamy, eventually leading to civilizational collapse and tribalistic barbarism.

The human domestication process is explained by illustratively comparing it to the domestication of the wild fowl. In the wild, the jungle fowl mate monogamously. The male builds the nest and provides for the hen while the eggs are being hatched.

Among the domesticated breeds, mating is polygynous with roosters fighting each other to climb to the top of the pecking order. Domesticated roosters have regressed and no longer possess the skills necessary to build nests or gather food.

Would love to hear your thoughts.