Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Democrats Love Welfare Parasites More Than Government Workers

It's tough being a democrat.

It's like being the father to a bunch of parasitic children.

You have the teachers union and AFSCME.  Then you have regular unions who actually produce something.  Then you have your parasitic voting base.  Your illegal aliens. White-hating minorities.  Male-hating feminists.  SJW professional students.  Academians, and life long-government workers.  You can't play favorites because you love your socialist leeches equally.

But what happens when the money from employed white males starts to run out, or just run a little low?  And by financial default you have to start triaging your precious little lamprey children?  How does a democrat politician choose who to support and who to cut off?

Well, it seems we have the answer.  Because while government workers and government unions think the democrat party loves them the most, their behavior belies the truth.  The democrat party likes them the least.  And their favorite child is the rank welfare parasites who don't even feign to have a work ethic.

This unfortunate decision has arose because the federal government is facing breaching the debt ceiling again.  Don't worry, congress will increase it, but it forced the government into a rather embarrassing situation.  It had to pilfer the "G fund" which is nothing more than the pension fund for government employees through their Thrift Savings Plan.

This is something government employees, forever sucking the cock of socialism and the state, need to learn.  If push comes to shove, the state - notably headed up by democrat/socialist political parties - will always choose their leeching base of welfare collecting parasites over government workers.  I believe the police in Dallas might be acutely aware of this situation, not to mention some municipal employees in fine liberal towns such as Detroit and Compton, who came to find out that their beloved Democrat Dad did play favorites and cashed in their college retirement funds to continue to bribe and pay for votes with social programs for their favorite child - welfare constituents.

In short, government workers, the democrat party WILL throw you under the bus if the money isn't there.

But don't worry.  At least the federal government can just print off more money.  You local and state government workers....ehhhh, not so much.


Anonymous said...

Any govie (including "state" educational institution workers) worker (local, state, fed) relying on getting any type of defined benefit (pensions) retirement, will need a different strategy for "retirement". Most of these defined benefit plans cannot meet their obligations to the future retirees, mostly because they expected rate of return according to their models is in the 7-9% range. Uh huh, good luck with that rate of return, because I will have better luck finding a unicorn shitting skittles than a 7-9% average return.

Anonymous said...

With the high level of incompetence being so pervasive with Gov workers, why should they get a pension in the first place? These worthless bastards are lucky to even have a job!!