Friday, March 24, 2017

The Illusion of Infinity

I linked to him before, but I'm going to link to him again, because the concept he came up with is brilliant, and that is Cynical Libertarian's "Illusion of Infinity."

Take for example three entities:

The government.
Religion, and
The internet.

They play a role in normal everyday people's lives, but they also introduce, unintentionally "infinity" in one capacity or another, or at least the ILLUSION of infinity.

The government provides the illusion of infinite resources for welfare scum, single moms, and leftists in general.

Religion provides the illusion of infinite life with the promise of an "after life."

And the internet provides the illusion of infinite knowledge with all of humankind's knowledge on the internet.

These illusions CHANGE people's behaviors profoundly in that it fundamentally changes the premises we live life by.

The government has infinite resources?  Well why should I work then?  I'll just sit on my ass.

There's an afterlife after this one?  Well, I'll obey some rules set forth by this religion, but there is no emphasis on the here and now.  No urgency to pack it in and enjoy my life.  Besides, I'll see people on the other side of death.

The internet has all the world's knowledge?  Why study?  Why research?  Why learn.  I'll just google it.

But then there are consequences and costs, especially if there are no infinite resources.

The government goes bankrupt and the economy collapses because too many parasites collected a government check.  Futhermore, in abandoning work, humans also abandon agency and purpose in life.  Working for your food, clothing and shelter meant becoming something of a professional or tradesman.  Now, government check collectors only have the advocation and championing of worthless political crusades (going green, transgendered bathrooms, etc. etc.)

Religion, tragically, makes people waste and squander the one and finite life they have here on this planet.  They don't pack it in.  They don't appreciate what they have.  And they have no hustle in life to enjoy it as much as humanly possible.

And the internet, well, the millennial generation answers that.  Compared to their 18th century counterparts, the lack of wisdom, intelligence, genuine education, and philosophical thought once again renders the millennials as a wasted crop of humans. 

Anyway, this is merely a synopsis of what Cynical Libertarian expounds on in much greater and better detail than what I could here.  You NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST as it is likely the most intelligent thing you will have listened to this year, and you will not regret doing so in downloading his podcast.

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Post Alley Crackpot said...

Funny how the default setting for Christianity is that people who simply believe and who do nothing overtly offensive get to go to Heaven ...

I suspect the default setting for Christianity should have been that everyone goes to Hell.

Special pleadings in front of the Court of the Lord for your beliefs? You may not petition the Lord with prayer -- your motions are denied.

What an amazing culture Christianity could have had if you had to show your work in front of the Lord, that you would be judged not on your ability to believe, but instead on your ability to improve the future of humanity, even by small measures.

But as you say, many people are waiting for the Lord to distribute bread from the heavens while complaining that the rich foods they're able to buy on the EBT paid for by others are not enough ...

Credo in un Dio crudel.

♪ ... Beelzebub has a devil put aside for you ... FOR YOU ... ♪ :-)