Sunday, March 05, 2017

Defeating Weaponized Empathy

Leftists are only parasitic more than they are cowards.  But cowardice being their second most defining trait, you must understand it to understand when they are attacking you.  They mask it in fake kindness while also cowardly hiding behind noble and politically correct purposes, so that when you accuse them of laziness, parasitism, and just plain thievery they can quickly hide behind their noble cause and call you names.

This post delves into this phenomenon more than the above, but reading it would do a lot to advance conservative and libertarian aims to defeat the left than merely, and chicken-shittily say, "No no no!!!  I'm not racist!!!"


Post Alley Nutcracker said...

I've weaponised my apathy instead.

I simply can no longer give a flying fuck when someone else gets the ass kicking that's coming to 'em. In fact, watching that ass kicking simply makes me want to laugh harder.

Comeuppance, anyone? How 'bout by the metric ton, it's cheaper that way!

Call me a racist, call me a fascist, call me a sexist, call me insensitive, call me uncaring, call me heartless ...

BTW, you know what works better than "sticks and stones might break my bones"?

8 lb sledge hammers with carbon-fibre reinforced handles.

Throwing hatchets with finely polished edges.

And guns, great heaping "Neo craps his pants with joy as he dreams of taking on the Matrix by himself" numbers of guns.

Now show us the ultra-violence, beneficient and mellifluous droogs.

Your apathetic audience awaits your entertaining encounters.

Popcorn will be served with buttery salt, butter and salt, and only salty butter, because I don't give a flying fuck about what those empathy-tards say about butter either.

rozyczkovincent said...

Brilliant article, thanks for sharing.