Saturday, March 04, 2017

Support the Captain This Weekend!

By doing all your online shopping via his Amazon Affiliate program!  Costs you nothing extra, but any purchase you make Cappy gets a 7% commission from Amazon!

So don't touch any icky, gross, "donate" button. This isn't charity!  IT'S CAPITALISM!  Make sure to always use Cappy's Amazon Affiliate program when doing your online shopping!


BigFire said...

Cap, I already done that.

Anonymous said...

*Watches a few of Aaron's videos*
*Looks at a few of his blog posts*
*Listens to a few of his podcasts*
*Thinks about buying one of his books*
*Buys one of his books*
*Reads it*
*Bookmarks the book and intends on finishing it later*
*Reads Aaron's blog*
*Reads the top post*
*Realizes that he didn't use the amazon affiliate link to buy the book*
*Dies a little on the inside*

Anonymous said...

Well well well Captain. I see you are implementing one of the oldest and proven rules of capitalism ever: sex sells. May as well CAPitalize on that. If anything, not that you need yet another thing to keep you busy but perhaps you can come up with a great way to monetize such. I mean, outside of just amazon affiliating pictures (I bought something using the affiliate link just a week or so ago btw and without seeing these lol). Doesn't even have to be raunchy, for example there's chicks making money on twitch simply by being a girl and playing video games (cause dudes are lame and don't know the value of a dollar...but hey its their money). However, if you go the current route, might I suggest images greater than 213x320. That's not going to get anyone's attention. It'd be like advertising a sports car on a milk carton...nah you do it on a magazine get the point.