Tuesday, March 14, 2017

U of MN: "No More Homecoming KING and QUEEN"

Because that's binary genderist or some other such crap those psychos in academia have come up with.


Anonymous said...

Captain, you've got competitors in teaching Economics, guess who ?

David Jravis said...

Forget about the controversy for a sec. What's with America's obsession with kings, queens, princesses and royalty, anyway? Didn't we fight two wars with the Brits to end that crap?

We're Americans. We don't need royalty, period, real or pretend.

I'm only HALF kidding.

Troper A said...

Everytime I hear someone bring up that "there are 1000 genders" crap, I feel like screaming "THERE ARE TWO. SEXES!!" Like Captain Picard screaming about the four lights. By getting people to believe outright lies, academia hopes to demoralize and control them, the way Stalinists controlled people in Communist countries. In some places, it's already against the law to deny this lunacy.

By the way, I came across this guy on Youtube and immediately thought of you, Captain:


He's a horse trainer who rants about how women bully and try to control horses, then get their asses kicked by the animal. His imitation of how these women speak in all the hate mail they send him sounds a lot like yours. :D

Anonymous said...

Calm down Cappy. I am sure her presentation will be nothing more than farting out rainbows and unicorns, based on the supplied link, which reports this:

The Standard reports that Jolie will be lecturing in an unpaid post in September as part of a master's program on women, peace and security.