Tuesday, April 04, 2017

And Some Women DO Realize Their Economic Value

Related to my previous post about "The Sad Truth About Women's Economic Value," it seems some young women are requiring they get paid first before talking to you on Tinder (and no doubt other apps).

Well played pretty young girls.  Well played indeed.


Joe Richards said...

Looking at this from the other direction, these woman would look down upon someone who paid them as not good enough for them. By paying them, you are admitting you aren't good enough for them.

Certainly that would have to be a first impression. Now it's an uphill battle to show you are good enough. Maybe pay the $5, and then ask for a refund.

Faithless Cynic said...

Instead of paying them to " be nice to you " , why not go to a massage parlor and give a hundred dollars to an honest prostitute to get you off? A prostitute is far more honest than these cyber gold diggers because she gives you an orgasm for money. Why do you think feminists hate prostitution? The hate a competitor who can do it faster, cheaper, and better than they can.

I am praying that a Mechanical Engineer somewhere will build a machine that gives toe curling, nuclear blow jobs. Feminists and other man haters would become obsolete overnight. There would be political pressure to outlaw the " BJ TRON " and a heavily armed DEA type group sent to hunt down and execute the builders and destroy the factories. This machine would make meth look like coffee.

Anonymous said...

Although I suspect a great deal of young (and old, gross) women will try this angle, it will likely be pretty short lived. The women will likely provide poor, undefined 'service,' which will eventually lead to a scorned beta male suing or contemplating legal action over loss of the massive $5 fee.

Internet dating seems to be hitting a brick wall pretty hard in this current dating market. Many years ago, I tore through the Match.com scene with tremendous 'success.' By success I mean lots of sex, with lots of VERY mediocre women.

I've never used Tinder, but I suspect it's not nearly as effective as it used to be, at least from what I've heard from friends. Too many women using it for validation and not for hookups. Also, too many perceived options for women, which as any internet dating veteran knows short circuits a woman's ability to choose even one guy.

I've seen the evolution of internet dating from the beginning. Anybody remember using AOL chat to 'cyber' with random women, of which there were not even pictures available? I had a 0% success rate trying to get women to talk dirty on web chat. Then it went to paid sites like Match, then free apps like Tinder. The evolution from Match.com to Tinder seemed promising, especially for players. Tinder dropped all pretenses about either gender giving a shit about wanting relationships and just swiping left or right based exclusively on physical attractiveness. Now that seems to have reached the bottom, and there really is nowhere for online dating to go from there. To have sex, people are actually going to have to develop social skills and interact with each other one-on-one in real time. Can you fucking imagine that? Crazy modern world.

grey enlightenment said...

$5 is an overestimate fore value of most women these days

Anonymous said...

The system should be encouraged, women with a high SMV will be able to charge more and the women with low SMV will charge less or nothing. The wealthiest men will be able to afford the more expensive women and the plain Janes will struggle, it's all pretty much as it is in the real world except this way the women are unable to kid themselves that they are a 10 when they are really only a 5. They will be forced to assign themselves a dollar value, if that value is too high they will then have the humiliation of having to lower it. It's a true reflection of their SMV in the free market. What's not to like?